Tuesday, October 12

New Mums loosing too much weight

Now I am the first to admit that I am slightly obsessed with loosing weight, especially since having DJ. I am always thinking about what I eat and trying to get in exercise where I can. I am not happy with my body, even though the scales say I am the same weight I was before I got pregnant. I still feel huge. I know I am not alone in saying this. All of my friends who have had babies, look fab, in fact they look slimmer now then before they had the baby, but every single one of them will say " I need to loose more weight, look at my tummy"
Before I had DJ I actually wanted to slap them. Now I think the same thing about myself. But I actually see it in the mirror. Isn't this the same way anorexics think? They look in the mirror and see something completely different than what everyone else sees. I do believe that some women, including myself think the same way they do.
They actually believe that they are huge and need to loose more weight.
Celebrity mums are a prime example. ALmost all of them are far skinnier now than before their babies were born. Going back to my good old friend Gisele Bundchen, (pictured here on a beach in Miami yesterday) I think she has gone too skinny.

I ve always loved her body, but now I think she has gone too far.
Another celebrity who lost a lot of weight after the birth of her first biological baby is Angelina Jolie,
She is constantly criticized about her weight and she said in a 2007 interview with OK magazine " Having a baby really takes it out of you, they take all your nutrients, I know I need to take better care of myself" She was pictured on a movie set 5 months after looking incredibly waif like.

I know that if you ask any woman if she is happy with her body, baby or not, she will tell you something she is not happy with.
The funniest quote I read recently was from Jessica Alba who said "“My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger.” after the birth of her baby.. UM REALLY JESSICA... ARE YOU MAD.. She is one girl I would like to slap!
But I do think that there is something that happens to a woman's brain after having a baby, that her self image gets altered.
I'd love to know if there actually was a medical condition for this?
What ever the reason is, I think we all need to be a little kinder to our selves, and try to see our selves through the eyes of the people that love us, through our babies eyes, because they will love us no matter what..
Be healthy and happy people..


  1. I sort of agree. I always feel horrible (but I'm also still up 20lbs from the day I got married) so I have good reason. Those that reach their pre-baby weight and are still unhappy need to realize that their entire insides got reorganized when they fell pregnant and their skin got stretched to the maximum in a very short period of time. It takes a while to come back! I hate the way I look right now, but I know one day I'll be "me" again.

  2. This really hits home as I am a new mom myself.. Sure I don't have the body I use to, but you know what? I have a very, very god reason for it. My son is the greatest joy I've ever had in my life, without him I don't know where I'd be.

    The biggest thing I think new moms need to find, is confidence. If YOU think you look good, you develop this glow and it shows. Nobody wil care about the extra weight, jiggly skin, stretch marks, cellulite or saggy boobs as long as you don't. Show the world that you are proud of the battle scars you worked so hard to get.and the world will show you a smile. : )

  3. it probably falls under a category of body dismorfic disorder. i have always hated my body but now there is a whole lot more to hate after having my two babies

  4. Oh there certainly is. BEFORE my first child i weighed about 110-115 and was 5 ft 8 1/2. After my 5th child i'm still 5 ft 8 1/2 but i am stuck at 168 pounds and i'm having a hard time getting it off. I think i YEARN to be the better looking mommy on the PTO. I want to be the MILF. ;) I wanna be the mom that the kids go DUDE YOU'RE MOM IS HOT not the one that the kids go EWWW THATS YOUR MOM! I do not want my kids teased because their mom is fat and unsightly!


  5. Hmm I will have to come back to this post in a couple of months. Korbel is due next week.

    I have always loved my body even loved some of the parts that aren't as perfect. And I hope that after Korbel arrives that I can embrace that again. I don't hate my self at 9 months. So I think I might be ok. I really love what God gave me and so does my husband at pre pregnancy and 9 months. I guess I have to say that my husband is a blessing and helps me be kind to my self. I am truly blessed and thankful!

  6. Im the same weight now that i was before i had my gorgeous little boy and some days think :oh my god, i still look 5 months pregnant" (yep, mostly after a ben a jerrys) but then other days I feel im fitter than before. All i can say is i think i saw myself like this before i was pregnant, I think women in general get hung up about their bodies. Us mums just have more changes happen in a shorter period of time to have to deal with.



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