Friday, October 1

One of my little secrets

I wanted to let you all in on one of my little secret. Her name is Ellie. She is Irelands top make up artist.( Ok so maybe she is not just my little secret) but her blog is!
Ellie and I have been friends for a few years, and we have also worked together on many shoots. I know that when I need to look good for an event or a magazine shoot, Ellie is the girl to call. No matter how bad you look she always manages to make you look fab. Ellie and her Fiancé also set me up with my man on a blind date.. So I think I'm forever indebted to them for that. Ellie has a fab blog about make up and all things pretty. Her last blog was just what I needed. Make up tips for those days when you feel Blah... You can check it out here
Let me tell you those tips came in very handy this week.
So there you go one of my little secrets is out!

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