Tuesday, November 30

Winter Skin

This time of year always plays havoc on my skin. With going from freezing cold conditions outside to the dry warm air inside, it gets dry and itchy and patchy. There are so many lotions and potions on the market and a lot of them are so expensive so I have taken it upon my self to find some products that wont break the bank.
With out a doubt my favorite face cleaner is Cetaphil, you can get this from any drug store and its cheap as chips. It doesn't foam so it wont strip the skin off its natural oils. Its so gentle its even safe for our little ones.
I don't use a toner in the winter because I find that even too harsh for my skin. Instead I use a face cloth with warm water and just hold it over my face for a min then splash my face with cold water to tone the skin. The worst thing you can do in the winter is use hot water. Even with your showers try keep it warm and not hot, even though the temptation is there to have a hot shower, it will really dry up your skin.
Olay do a great night time and day time moisturizer that you can also get in drug stores, Olay Regenerist Mirco Sculpting cream is my favorite night cream. This moisturizer is an ultra-rich formula that's beloved because of its secret ingredient: hyaluronic acid. This works to moisturize dehydrated skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. An Allure Magazine 2010 Readers' Choice Award winner.
Another day time favorite of mine, which is a little more expensive is Estee Lauder DayWear Plus. It has SPF15 in it so it will still protect you from the glare of the winter sun. Even if you cant see it.

For the body I love Shea Butter, its thick and smells yummy.

Last tip drink lots of water keep Hydrated

Snow Time

Well Winter is finally upon us. We had the first lot of snow over the weekend. We got snowed in and I loved it. DJ was quite confused by all the snow and was dying to touch it, the first time, after that he wasn't so sure. Pushing a buggy in the snow is quite the work out, thank goodness we have a 3 wheeler off road buggy (MY3 from Mothercare) Since being snowed in we have been walking everywhere, my bum and legs are thanking me for it, although the amount of hot chocolates I am drinking are counteracting it.

Saturday, November 27

Working Mums

Every one has an opinion on this subject. Some Phycologist say that a baby needs it mother all day everyday for the first 2 years, to be a secure successful adult. Some say that babies learn more and develop quicker being around other babies and children in a day care centre. I know that many mums don't have the choice, once maternity leave is over they have to go back to work. Through my line of work I am lucky that I can pick and choose what I do and when I do it. Yes my priorities have changed greatly since having DJ, and he will always be my number one, but I also want to work, i want to work for me, I still have the urge to make great movies. I have gone back to work and I am working on some really great projects, and it feels great to be back in the saddle. I am so lucky I get to do a lot from home and when I do have to go away to work, I have to admit I LOVE IT, (Gasp) I know I am meant to feel guilty and be thinking about DJ all the time when I am gone, but I don't. I love my time away from him, Grown up time. Me time, I know he is in safe hands, I get to go and be me. To full fill the other side of my life. I want my son to be proud of me, to see me work and to contribute to our household. Its important to me. I am lucky I don't have to work, every day. So I do spend most of my time with him but then when I do go away for a few hours I am a much happier mummy. We all have babies at different stages in life. Perhaps you are a mum who has worked hard and now is ready to be a full time mum, or perhaps you got your little surprise when you were just heading up that ladder like me, and still have to full fill that part of you. What ever it is don't feel guilty, you ultimately have to do what is right for you because a happy mummy is a happy baby

Thursday, November 18

Ski Time

Its Ski Time! Unfortunately this year I wont be hitting the slopes but it doesn't stop me dressing like I am heading for the snow. My favorite designer Michael Kors has got it right once again with his winter collection and I am just drooling over the images.
I am loving the long gillet and the cozy knits. . I also love the healthy bronzed glow that the models have. I am very pale and can look really washed out in the winter so I always put on a bit of bronzer, even though I am sure all the make up artists are cringing at me saying that, as they always prefer the pale skin with rosy cheeks. But its so cold out I'd rather fool my simple mind in thinking that I ve just been somewhere warm, nothing like a bit of bronzer and a bit of fake tan to make you feel a little warmer.
Keep warm people

Monday, November 15

To crawl or not to crawl ...

DJ will be 9 months on the 18th November, and there is still no sign of crawling. He tries very hard but he cant seem to get the hang of it. We start off sitting, then we do a bounce and we bounce on to our hands then we kinda bounce some more then splat he falls on to his tummy and cries. I sometimes just leave him there to see what he does, but he just pushes him self up in to a push up (or the plank) and looks at my with his puppy dog eyes, then he cries out of frustration. We have tried putting our hands behind his feet so he can push off us, doesn't work, we have pulled him up on to all fours, doesn't work. My Dr thinks he is too "Big" to crawl and some have suggested he may just get up and start walking. Some how I cant see that happening. Can you imagine he just walks in to the room " hey mama" and sits down beside me!? haha. I also don't want him to go straight from sitting to walking. I don't think I could cope with my little baby becoming a little boy so fast. I am enjoying every single stage he is going through, I am holding on to every tooth, word babble and bounce. He is growing up too fast for my liking. So no I don't want to miss the crawling stage I cant wait to see him motoring about on all fours. If he does start to walk I may actually just keep knocking him down again ;-) I joke of course..

Sunday, November 14

Left Suitcase

Hi all,
Well the London trip started off well, we arrive at the airport with not much time to spare and as I am jumping out the car I say to my man "Ill take the baby and the buggy you take the suitcase I go to the boot to get out the buggy and say " "Where my suitcase?" My man replies " Well I didn't put it in the car!" " What?!" We had left mine and DJs suitcase sitting at the top of the stairs. With 45 min till our flight we had no time to go home to get it. Lets just say I wasn't a happy camper. I had two of the biggest meetings I ve had all year and all of my perfect "I am a serious producer" clothes were in my suitcase. We were only there for 2 days and time was tight so there wasn't any time for shopping.
Luckily I was staying with my sister Sophie so at least I knew she would have make up and face wash ect and I thought I may be able to at least fit in to some of her tops.
Once we arrived the other end we bought some stuff for DJ in the airport and I sent my man on a shopping trip for DJ.
The day comes for my meeting and I am panicked I have nothing to wear, Sophie is size 5 foot I am size 7 she takes a 25 inch jeans I take size 28. So jumping around her room trying to squeeze my self unsuccessfully in her clothes I just decide to go in my own jeans and converse trainers. There was nothing I could do . I just had to bite the bullet.. The good news is that it all went well.
Its amazing how little you really need when you go away.

Tuesday, November 9


I had to tell you all about this fantastic site that I just LOVE..

It has the cutest gift boxes for babies, new mums and mums to be..
I don't know about you but I am always stuck on what to get a new mum and baby, you think I would know since I am a new mum myself, but the thing is that the mum will have got all the essentials her self, and if like me spend 9 months buying clothes for the baby, so I am always stuck on trying to find something thats a little different and doesn't break the bank. Babybox has a number of great ideas you can choose from and it all comes wrapped up in a beautiful box. Brilliant. This is a god send for any guys out there not knowing what to get friends who have just had babies too. Click on the express box and voila its done for you. You will get major brownie points for not bringing the usual male gift of a cuddly toy!

To check out baby box go to http://www.babyboxlondon.com/

London Bound

Were off again, this time to London. I have to go for a few work meetings which is very exciting and of course the jet setting baby is coming with me. My family live in London so its going to be fun as well as work. They don't get to see DJ very often so they will spoil him rotten, which like any boy he loves. I am also going to try and fit in some old friends while I am there too, so its going to be jam packed 2 days
I find my self facing the same old dilemma of what to pack, I need outfits for coffee morning with friends, 3 business lunch's, one audition and 2 family dinners!?.. I also have the slight problem of having to try and fit all of my things and DJ's in to one suitcase. For such a little person DJ sure takes up a lot of my case. This time I am also going to bring two sets of outfits for every occasion. I have been running out the door in the past, I go to give my honey a kiss goodbye and BLAH lunch all over me! I am not going to be caught out while over seas. I am two steps ahead of you kiddo!

Monday, November 8

Style Icon

My love affair with the 1950's movie stars, started when I was about 5. I was staying with my grandmother and to keep me entertained in the evenings she would pop on one of her videos for me to watch. Unlike other 5 year olds watching disney films I had to watch Shirley Temple, Roman Holiday and An Affair to Remember. I remember watching how gracefully the women moved, how they spoke differently and how everything seemed so magical. After a few summers of staying with my grandmother I knew every old classic film ever made.
I became enchanted with them, I wanted wear their clothes, I wanted to be them. I firstly wanted to be Audrey Hepburn, but her elfin frame and pixie looks did not match my tall frame and blonde hair. So I moved on to Grace Kelly and Bridgett Bardot. Grace Kelly is just like her name suggests graceful, and so lady like. She was the queen of big handbags. I have however always favored Bridgett Bardot make up and style as apposed to Grace Kellys .I once got told that I looked a bit like Bridgett, not sure I do but I love that person forever anyway ;-) My sister Sophie infact does look a little bit like her but anyway.... For years I have always done the smokey eye and nude lips.. I love the messy hair and the free attitude and of course the 70's style. During the summer I tend to channel more Grace kelly than Bridgett but this winter I'll definitely be supporting the smokey eye look and for free of charge DJ has said he will help me achieve the messy hair look. How kind of you DJ!
Here are a few photos of Bridgett that have inspired me this season.

Me doing my best Bridgett Bardot impression

Sophie Doing her best BB impression

Friday, November 5

Going to the Chapel and we're....

Going to get MARRIED!!!! Yay.. To be honest I never thought this day would come. I wasn't one of those girls who dreamt about getting married, the only thing I ever thought about my wedding day was "I don't want to kiss in front of my father" (This still bothers me)
Although I love the tradition of a wedding, coming from divorced parents it kind of put me off the whole idea. Why ruin a good thing? Do you stop trying when your married? Do you take each other for granted? My man proposed when we were on holiday in Madeira, and although it knocked me for six and I was so happy, I couldn't even think about a wedding until after our baby had been born. Now 9 months later I am finally back to pre pregnancy weight, I've started to think a little differently about the whole marriage thing. I want to get married, I want the white dress the church I want it all.
So now I am going to turn in Bridezilla! I am joking .
However for the next 8 months I may be blogging a little more on dresses, hair, make up basically anything to do on weddings..
Please feel free to give me ideas. I am a blank canvas.
We are on the 8 month countdown now.
Next post dresses.. Who will I choose, which designer, There are so many wonderful Irish designers I just need to choose one now!
Let the fun begin

Wednesday, November 3

Wicker Baskets

I am slightly obsessed with wicker baskets, I have a wicker basket for everything. They are a great way to "hide baby mess" and they make any room look cozy and homely.
Everyone always asks me how I manage to keep my home looking so tidy, Its really very easy you dump it all in to a wicker basket, and you have what I like to call chic mess!

Monday, November 1

The Cape Coat

This season I am all about the cape coat. I ve been looking for the right one for me. Not to long, not to short. I have finally found one, and I am pleased to say its not going to break the bank, good old Zara have some lovely ones in at the moment. Now all I need to do is to choose what colour? Oh the drama..


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