About Me


I am originally from Ireland but spent most of my life traveling all over the world with my family.

I started acting when I was 15 on a kids TV show in Korea and since then I haven't stopped. I have been incredibly lucky and have been to some amazing places and have worked with some very talented people.

I met DJ's daddy about 3 years ago, and after a brief romance (6 months to be exact) our little miracle was conceived. On the 18th Febuary 2010 our baby boy Dylan James was born.. Somethings are just meant to be...
My biggest love in my life is now my little boy

Juggling a career and a baby is somewhat a challenge, but something most mums can relate too. We are having fun seeing what works for us and what really doesn't. I am lucky enough to be able to take him on set with me and if I cant I have a handful of fabulous friends, who watch him for me. Its not uncommon to see DJ hanging out with my gorgeous actress friends in their cars, while mummy dives in to an audition.

I love to laugh and to make people laugh,
I love the smell of rain, but don't like getting wet,
I love chocolate, but like to go to the gym

I love traveling, but I am a real home body
I love meeting new people, and I make friends fast,
But I only have a handful of really close friends who I consider my family.

I am a true romantic and I wear my heart on my sleeve,

I am a traveling hippy, who likes nice clothes, I am spiritual and I love to help people when I can..

So thats pretty much me in a nut shell..

 I love comments and emails, and I welcome inquiries about advertising, product reviews, and collaborations. 

Thanks for dropping by



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