Monday, September 5

Trying to get used to this new blogger setting, so bare with me while I get the hang of it.
While scouring the internet for inspiration on homes I came across these lovely images. I actually think I need a change of career and to become an interior designer. I am actually obsessed.


Friday, September 2

Changing Hair

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the change in colours on the trees the cooler air makes it nice to go for walks, and I start to feather my nest for the winter. Its also the time of year where I get the urge to change something about my self! Last year I went for the chop and lobbed off 6 inch of my hair. This year I am thinking about changing the colour of my hair. I am usually a blonde blonde but I've always liked the idea of going back to my childhood colour of light brown with gold strands. I would say natural hair colour but its a little complicated. When I was born I was born with chocolate brown hair then as I got older it got lighter, more of a mousey brown colour. Then when I was 16 and I got sick and some of my hair fell out and when it grew back it grew back lighter and more mousey blonde. So I decided to go blonde. My eye brows are blonde as are my eyelashes. I have dabbled in going a little darker before but I felt it washed me out. However after seeing the new trends on the catwalks and seeing as going to the dark side seems to be in fashion I thought why not.
I don't think I am brave enough to go all the way and go back to chocolate brown, think I may give poor DJ a fright! But I was thinking more golden...

Now if only I looked like Douzen I would be happy.
What do you think, should I go darker or should I stay a blonde??

Monday, August 29

Holiday Time

I am so excited in exactly 18 days Ill be on a plane for my first real sun holiday since having DJ. Part of me is filled with dread about getting in to a bikini (diet starts today) and the other half of me cant wait. To see DJ's face as he goes in to the ocean for the first time and being able to relax and soak up some much needed vitamin D. I am already thinking about the endless things I am going to have to pack for us all. I will need one suitcase for just my dresses alone!

I am getting the Tracy Anderson DVD out today to try get my abs in some reasonable shape, I really don't think I can get away with the "I just had a baby" He is practically in college already!

I tried the Dukan diet last week in a bid to get bikini ready, and although I lost 4 pounds on the all protein diet, I could not sustain such a stupid diet and after 4 days went back to normal eating and gained 6 pounds! Go figure I am worse of now than when I started the bloody thing! So I think I am just going to stick with busting my ass in the gym and eating small portions. Ill let you know how I get one..

18 days and counting ..


Wednesday, August 17

Wordless Wednesday

Our Photo boothing marathon.


Bye Bye Baby, Hello Little Boy

Last night I put my little baby boy to bed, and this morning when I went in to him, there standing in place of my little baby was a little boy. His chubby little arms and legs seem to have stretched out. His little curls a little longer, his face seems to have changed too. A little bit more grown up! Maybe its because he has hit the 18 month mark, now a year and half almost a full grown toddler. I stood there and looked at him for a while before I picked him up (all two stone of him). He babbled and dadadded and mamamaed and had a full on conversation with me. I have no idea what he was saying but he was very animated and excited what ever he was talking about.

I think I am going to have to take more photos, been a bit slack as of late. And as he is changing so quickly I need to make sure I am capturing every single moment....

                                     Not very happy about getting splashed by the big boys

Friday, August 12

Pretty Tops

I always seem have plenty of things to wear on the lower half of me, but somewhere along the line I forgot to by tops. I have little singlets that I have had since I was 15 and was going through the baggy jeans and little tight tank top phase. Or I have some very dressy tops for evening but I don't have anything in between. I always find myself stressing about what to wear to meetings and end up with all my clothes on a heap on the floor with me laying on top of them. So my shopping mission for this month is to find some pretty tops I can wear with both shorts, skirts and jeans.. Here are just some of the ideas I have in mind..


Wednesday, August 10

Working girl

. I always find it hard to know what to wear to meetings and still look feminine and chic.  I am loving these new looks coming in to the fall


Monday, August 8

Monday Mantra

Some days I wake up and I have so much to say, but other days I get writers block. Here are some of my favorite ways to stay creative and get over my writers block


Thursday, August 4

Life is one Big Holiday

With all this wonderful weather that we have been having in London, I feel as if I am on holiday. It hasn't really sunk in that I actually live here now. Its been wonderful discovering all the new parks zoos local coffee shops. Its like the holiday that never ends. I know Ill have to come back to reality sooner or later but for now I ll just pretend that I am on holiday..
Hope your having a great week

Thursday, July 28

I am Back

I feel like I have been off the air (so to speak ) for years, its only been a month but I am finally back on line and in our new home. It took a while for us to get settled and to get internet up and running. The move went quite smoothly really, apart from the fact poor Dylan got a really bad tummy bug which kept coming back. Anyway I am looking forward to telling you all about my new adventures here in London, right after I have cooked the little man some dinner, so until then here are some new photos.
Lots of love 

Tuesday, May 31

Eating out!

This week we are promised good weather. In Ireland sun is something of a rarity, but the lovely weather girl has promised me lots of sun over the next coming weeks. So I am whipping out the sundresses tanning my white body and getting those legs out. I love eating out doors in the long summer nights and eating breakfast al fresco so to get you in the mood I wanted to share with you these beautiful images I came across..
Cheers everyone..


Friday, May 27

All American Interiors

While looking through endless house and garden magazines I came across Lexington. Its an  american brand that specialize in bed linen, cushions, cozy throws and duvet covers. I love the light colours and the pillows on the bed..

Thursday, May 26


I am sorry I have not been on a lot recently I have been back and forth over to London getting ready for our big move. I saw our new house for the first time yesterday and I am very excited about it and about moving in. There is so much to do though , so please forgive me if I am a little lazy in posting for the next month...

Monday, May 23

Gwyneth Paltrow Cook Book

I have never been a great cook, but I am certainly enthusiastic about cooking, so I was delighted when I was given Gwyneth Paltrows new cook book. It full of great ideas and healthy tasty one's at that. I love the photo's and the little stories she write along the way. Makes me want to put on my pinny and get cooking, in a beautiful kitchen of course.

Wednesday, May 18

The Ocean is the life for me..

My dream home would be somewhere over looking the sea. I am the happiest when I am walking on a beach or sailing the seven seas. I love the bunk beds in the first picture and I can imagine reading while lying down on those one seater sofas over looking the sea..



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