Thursday, October 7

No Sleep

Since the day he was born, DJ was up every 2 hrs. I know this is normal for a new born. I was told " When he is 3 months, he will get in to more of a routine" 3 months came .. he started waking up every 4 hrs. I was told " When he goes on to solids he will start sleeping through the night" We started him on solids he was still waking up every 4 hrs. I was told " When he is 6 months he will sleep through the night" Well 6 months came and he is still waking up every 4 hrs. He is now 7 months old and he is still waking up at midnight for a bottle, and he will wake anywhere between 2 am and 4 am for his dodi (soother) or some more bottle. I have tried switching the milk with water, I have tried watering down the bottle but no, he still wakes up. I am so exhausted.. when will he start to sleep through the night? He wont even take naps during the day unless I am with him. Which is sometimes not possible for me to do as I have to get some work done. So what do I do? I leave him to cry but it breaks my heart. In fact right now he is screaming his little heart out and the tears are stinging behind my eyes. I hate it.
I am lucky I have a partner who will get up during the night as well. But its really wearing us thin.
I love my little man so much, he is such a good boy but really he has to sleep soon
Does anyone have any tips that have been tried and tested? If you have a 3 year old who still doesn't sleep through the night please don't tell me ;-) I need hope at this moment in time....

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