Monday, January 31

The Mad Hour

Every night when I am feeding DJ his dinner around 5.30 pm, he goes crazy. He laughs hysterically at everything. I could blow on his food and he would crack up, I pick up a tissue he laughs, I blink he laughs. Of course I play up to this and start pulling funny faces or even just make an airplane noise and he falls about laughing. All food falls out of his mouth and his face goes bright red as he throws his head back in laughter. It probably one of my favorite times of the day.. As soon as the clock hits 6/6.30pm it stops. I am not sure why he goes in to fits of laughter at this time of day, maybe its just over tiredness but what ever it is, it makes my day

Friday, January 28


Seems our family can not catch a break lately. Poor DJ has been sick yet again. He has had the tummy bug 3 times in 3 weeks. Its exhausting! I have washed so many sheets and changed all the beds about 5 times in the last 3 days. I have yet another cold and now it seems that my man also has the tummy bug!
I hate seeing my little baby sick I wish I could take it all away for him. He has been waking up with his tummy cramps in the middle of the night, it seems the only thing that will soothe him is to fall asleep in my arms. There is something magical about holding your baby in the still of the night and knowing that your the only one that he wants. I remember my mums cuddles making everything seem better, and now I am that for him. Its a very special job.
I am hoping that after a relaxing weekend that we will for once and for all kick these nasty bugs..
Time to get the disinfectant out

Monday, January 24

Child Models

Yesterday while I was doing a photo shoot, the photographer bought in a copy of French Vogue. As I flicked through the glossy pages with Ellie (my fab friend and amazing make up artist) we came across some startling images. Little girls dressed up like women, full face of make up and dressed up to the nines. These images disturbed me, why cant children be children any more? Why do we want our children to grow up so quickly? I think its attracting the wrong type of attention to all the wrong types of people.
What are your thoughts on these pictures?


Wednesday, January 19

Model Baby

Only  supermodel  Miranda Kerr could post a snap of her one week after a long difficult labour (without pain medication) and look absolutely amazing. No puffy face, no bags under her eyes, just looking beautifully earthy breast feeding her new baby boy Flynn. Having given birth to a 9lbs 2 oz baby boy myself (with lots of pain medication) I can only imagine having to give birth to a 9lbs 12oz baby boy was like.
I have to say though it is nice to see a supermodel posting a picture of her breast feeding her baby. A lot of celebrities opt not to breast feed. (Probably because they have fake books to begin with.)
Other celebrity mums who are on the pro breast feeding wagon are Gisele Bundchen, who made a few controversial comments about breast feeding (see earlier post) Jerry Hall and Pierce Brosnons wife Kelley both did cover shots breast feeding their babies. New mum Kelly Preston who gave birth to her 3rd baby Benjamin last month, also allowed People magazine to take a photo her breast feeding.

Seeing all these new mums with their little ones really makes me want to have another one..
Ok well not just yet.. but it does make me a little broody.

Tuesday, January 18

In Transit

When asked where do I call home, I used to reply " On a plane"
I have done so much traveling in my time, and I usually where the same old comfy stuff. However when flicking through my bible I came across these ultra glamourous photos...
Ok so maybe I might not be able to have Louis Vutton luggage but I have made a new New Years goal to add to my list. 

Must be more stylish when traveling. You never know who you are going to bump in to in transit ...

Monday, January 17

Hot Daddy, One adorable son + Chanel

On the catwalks of Paris a male model Brad Koenig graced the Chanel catwalk show with the best accessory yet, his adorable two year old son Hudson.
Nothing melts my heart than a hot daddy and his baby... add in some Chanel in to the mix, and what can I say.. life just doesn't get much better than this.....

Starting the year off with a ...lepsip and a lot of pain killers

The year started off full of promise, hope, red eyes and a runny nose. Ok so not exactly how I had planned on starting off the new year. It seems that 2011 has bought a big bout of flu in to our house hold. SO please forgive me for the lack of posts as of late. Poor DJ has had the vomiting bug and a bad bout of teething I seem to have got the same, with out the teething of course. We seem to be catching everything that is going around, TWICE. I am hoping that as we have caught everything now, that is us for the year.
So now let us re start 2011 healthy, happy and incredibly stylish...

Thursday, January 13


Why did no one tell me how bad teething would be????
 I knew they would have red cheeks, dribbling, bad nappies, nappy rash maybe a temperature but no eating for 5 days, vomiting, endless crying all night? I was not prepared for this. I have been worried out of my mind about him. The poor little dude is cutting his top tooth. The first top tooth gave him  a bit of hassle but nothing like the pain he is in now. He doesn't even want his bottles or his dodi (soother) which he usually loves. Really wish I could take away his pain for him. For the past 3 nights he has been up crying, exhausted falling asleep and then after 5 min he is awake again crying in pain.
I have pretty much tried everything on the market to help him but nothing seems to work. I guess were just going to have to ride this through till their down. The good news is that once its through 48hrs later it wont hurt anymore. The top 2 teeth are meant to be the worst too so come on tooth hurry up and stop causing my baby pain!

Wednesday, January 12

Jet setting babies Guide to....

Everything is slowly calming down now after christmas, it was a magical christmas with all the family but with everyone here and washing and food and every thing else that comes with having 8 people under one roof its been exhausting so I am slowly getting back to normality.
This year I involved in lots of interesting projects one being a film , which as I said before I will be telling you about in all good time, I have also teamed up with a friend of mine Angi and we are writing a book. Well hopefully be a series of books. There going to be called The Jetsetting Babies Guide To.... Dublin  Where we will put all the baby friendly cafe and bars restaurants where to go where not to go what sites to see and where is good to go with a baby, we will then hopefully do the rest of Europe, so it will be the The Jetsetting Babies guide to Rome, Paris, London. Think the lonely planet but for yummy mummies and babies ;-)
We have set up a site called, yes you guessed it JETSETTING BABIES GUIDE TO.
You can visit the site via the link on the right hand side of the page.
We will be posting about the cafes and restaurants around Dublin first until the book is put together, so if you fancy it take a gander over there have a look around, its just new so please check back in with us again  very soon when we have posted some reviews.

Saturday, January 8

Coco Chanel

Every girl has a dream bag mine is the classic Chanel quilted bag. I have always had an obsession with Chanel. I love all their ads and especially their TV adverts that are like a mini film. My favorite is their new one for Chanel number 5 with Audrey Tautou.I could watch it all day...Dreamy
Audrey Tautou played the young Coco Chanel in Coco before Chanel. If you have not seen the film and you love fashion I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, January 2

You Sexy Mother

I have just finished reading a fantastic book called " You Sexy Mother" By Jodie Hedley-Ward. Its inspiring and uplifting.
A must read for any mother who has ever felt a little overwhelmed, unsexy, and a little lost.

lots of love


Saturday, January 1


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