Wednesday, October 27

Things I wish I was told when I had a new born

I am still learning about being a mum, but here are a few things I wish I had known when I had a new born. It would have saved me a lot of stress..

* For the first week there is still some mucus fluid in there lungs, and they make a funny noise when breathing. This is normal so don't worry

* They are noisy sleepers

* After the first few weeks when they sleep all the time, the usual rule of thumb is that they sleep every 2 hrs and eat every 4 hrs. (even though my hungry monkey ate every 2hrs)

* You can over feed. I thought every time DJ cried he was hungry, when maybe he had some wind or just wanting comforting. I only found this out when he had a bad week of colic. So even though I was feeding him every 2 hrs. I thought he wanted to feed every 30 mins or so.

* Sore boobs do go away after the first week, so if breast feeding keep persevering it will be something you will enjoy.

*Its normal for a breast fed baby to go maybe 3 5 even up to 10 days with out a bowel movement.

* Try giving them a little cooled boiled water with half tea spoon of sugar to help them go

* If breast feeding what you eat can affect them, so keep greens and anything acid to a minim. Poor DJ had terrible wind and tummy trouble after I though I was eating healthy. No one told me that what I ate affected him!

* Take lots of video as well as photos, you will forget how little they really were.

* Change nappies quickly, You will get caught out at some point! BEWARE

*Sleep when they sleep. NO really do. I never listened to that piece of advice and I suffered with it.

* Post natal depression can hit you at any stage, its not just in the first few days of baby blues. Yes you will get a few days of baby blues but just look out for the signs of Post natal depression.

Post natal depression isn't just when you don't bond with your baby. I had post natal depression and didn't realize. I would look up the signs and I didn't really have any of them. I loved my baby, I just didn't love my self. I blamed myself if he cried. I felt like a bad mother. I was in a bad place and it was all a haze. I was surviving not living.
Thank fully I got help and went to talk to someone.

Hope this helps any new mums out there.

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