Thursday, October 7

One Kiss= One Vaccine

I just went up to check on DJ. He is fast asleep in his cot (for the time being)
I often go up just to check on him. To watch his little chest rise and fall.
I am now looking through photos of him, because I miss him, crazy I know. When he is awake all I want is a little piece and quite and a break from having him bounce on me all day, then when he asleep I miss him
The thought of anything happening to him or not being able to help him when he is sick, its just urgh, not worth thinking about. I am lucky enough that I live in a world where I can get medicine readily, and I can do all I can to make him better.
However there are many new mums just like me loosing their babies due to hunger, disease and illness and they can do nothing about it. I suppose this is why I got involved with the Unicef and Pampers big kiss campaign . I know I have written about this in a pervious blog and I am so grateful to everybody and everyone for sending the links on and for writing about it also, but just sitting here looking at photos of my boy and hating the thought that anything should happen to him, brings me back to those poor mothers and babies that are dying the horrible death that is associated with tetanus. I know that there are many other diseases out there and that is a long battle that we and our children and probably their children will have to face as well. but we can get rid of tetanus. We can see an end to this. Its a simple vaccine and we can all help. Buy pampers nappies that have the vaccine on the package, or you can just click on the Bigkiss badge to the right.
Thank you

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