Tuesday, May 31

Eating out!

This week we are promised good weather. In Ireland sun is something of a rarity, but the lovely weather girl has promised me lots of sun over the next coming weeks. So I am whipping out the sundresses tanning my white body and getting those legs out. I love eating out doors in the long summer nights and eating breakfast al fresco so to get you in the mood I wanted to share with you these beautiful images I came across..
Cheers everyone..


Friday, May 27

All American Interiors

While looking through endless house and garden magazines I came across Lexington. Its an  american brand that specialize in bed linen, cushions, cozy throws and duvet covers. I love the light colours and the pillows on the bed..

Thursday, May 26


I am sorry I have not been on a lot recently I have been back and forth over to London getting ready for our big move. I saw our new house for the first time yesterday and I am very excited about it and about moving in. There is so much to do though , so please forgive me if I am a little lazy in posting for the next month...

Monday, May 23

Gwyneth Paltrow Cook Book

I have never been a great cook, but I am certainly enthusiastic about cooking, so I was delighted when I was given Gwyneth Paltrows new cook book. It full of great ideas and healthy tasty one's at that. I love the photo's and the little stories she write along the way. Makes me want to put on my pinny and get cooking, in a beautiful kitchen of course.

Wednesday, May 18

The Ocean is the life for me..

My dream home would be somewhere over looking the sea. I am the happiest when I am walking on a beach or sailing the seven seas. I love the bunk beds in the first picture and I can imagine reading while lying down on those one seater sofas over looking the sea..


Monday, May 16

Home Interiors

We are moving house and country in less than 6 weeks and since the moment we signed our lease I have become obsessed with decor and looking up photos for inspiration on how I am going to do up my new house. Here are some of my inspiration pictures..


Wednesday, May 11

Cannes Film Festival

Yay Cannes FIlm Festival has started. Every year stars flock to the South of France to the most glamourous FIlm Festival on the circuit, the Cannes Film Festival. Every actor secretly hopes they will get to premier their film here. The Big stars generally stay at the Hotel Eden,just out side of Cannes and the rest at the Carlton or Hotel Martinez along the sea front. I usually head down for the festival as its  a great place to meet people, network and to see some great films. Unfortunately my own work commitments and moving house means there is just no time.
I love looking at all the glamour in Cannes stars really pull out all the stops to look as Glamourous as possible.
A lot of red lips sleek hair and beautiful floor length designer gowns for the evening, and chic sophistication for the day. You wont see any boho chic here!


Sunday, May 8

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mama's out there

Happy Mothers Day to my Mama, I wouldn't be the mother I am today without you. You inspire me every day, you still push me to be the best I can be.  Love You


Monday, May 2

Manic Monday Mantra

Happy Monday all xox

Ralph Lauren

I think I, along with 3/4 of the world have been slightly obsessed with Kate Middleton ever since she announced her engagement to the future King of England. She is so quintessentially british, and her style reflects this. She always manages to look pulled together stylish, yet sexy. There was some mix up and my invite to the wedding got lost in the post, but if I were to have gone I would have probably chosen Ralph Lauren. (A favorite of Kates) Kate has a few keys pieces from Ralph Lauren including his signature blazers. As it was my birthday yesterday I decided to treat myself to some clothes. Ralph Lauren is a little on the expensive side, however if you still want to get a few pieces from Ralph Lauren without spending a fortune, then head to your nearest outlet store. In Ireland we have Kildare Outlet village which has a huge Ralph Lauren store. I picked up some great bargains. A pair of navy blue wide leg, high waisted trousers for 19 euro's. I also picked up a few polo shirts and a  cream cable knit jumper for 40 euros. Bargain! So you too can look like Kate with out spending a fortune.


Sunday, May 1

Another Year Younger

I remember birthdays taking ages to come around again and I literally couldn't wait to be another year older. The more grown up I was the more I could do. Now it seems to be the other way round. Birthday's seem to creep up on me and time is speeding up. They say the first 20 years are the slowest then it speeds up, this saying is very true.
I think I am going to start doing what Joan Collins does and not reveal my age from 30 on wards. Age is just a number anyway right?
My mum is amazing she wont say what age she is now to anyone, she looks better than she did in her 20's and is throughly enjoying life now her "babies" have grown up.
I hope I can adopt this attitude as it seems to be keeping her looking young.

Lots of Love and thank you for all the lovely Birthday wishes.


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