Friday, June 29

It's the weekend..

Finally after a week that seemed to go on forever, its the weekend and my little brothers birthday. Happy Birthday James ;-)
We have the family coming over today and then we are off out for dinner tonight, so I am looking forward to that. DJ is very excited that his favorite person in the whole world ( his grandpa) is coming over and it means I can pass him over and I can sit back and relax! Yes!

Have a great weekend all

Thursday, June 28

Just want to say.....

I am just running out the door ( seem to be doing that a lot lately eating on the run dressing on the run) but I had to share our good news, that DJ got a place in September for that pre school that specializes in children with social and language communication. Yay. Will post more later, but right now we are off to early learning center for play and development

Monday, June 25

Lipstick Monday

Hello All I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I caught up on some much needed rest and also some of my magazines. I've noticed there is a lot of lovely lipstick colours around. I have never been a big of fan lipstick I have always been more of a chap stick and lip gloss kinda girl. But having seen all these lovely shades of pinks and peach I am maybe change my mind. I think I may have to get my self down to the shops to go and experiment.

Have a wonderful Day


I am so excited for Wimbledon this year. We have moved a stones through away from the Wimbledon Courts and the Village is buzzing with anticipation and excitement . I just really hope the rain stays away so I can go and see some of the matches.

I am also looking forward to seeing what stylish tennis out fits the players will wear! Tennis has become tres fashionable as of late. Just makes it that much more glamourous.


Sunday, June 24

Silly Sunday's

Today DJ and I had a late breakfast played in the garden and took some silly photos. Love Silly Sundays.

Hope you all had a great weekend

Thursday, June 21

Toned Thursday

My summer holidays are just around the corner and my plans of long summer evening walks and having gorgeous lightly tanned and toned legs seem to have gone out the window. I have decided on this rainy day to take action, I no longer am willing to look at these white almost blue legs any longer. I have shaved, waxed buffed and slathered on some rather yummy smelling sienna x fake tan. I am drinking green tea like its going out of fashion (doing squats while waiting for the kettle to boil) and am googling how to tone your legs while getting rid of that dreaded orange peel, that pregnancy so kindly gave me.

 I am checking out of cellulite city with lunges (3 sets of 15) squats ( back up against the wall and hold for 15 sec building up 1 min) and 30 mins of fast walking a day.

A diet of spinach and protein, bananas ( apparently soak up that orange peel) lots of anti oxidants and lots of green tea and dandelion tea. I used to drink dandelion tea ( not the nicest tasting but you get used to it) in my modeling days. It acts as a diuretic and de bloats you.
SO heres to fabulous legs


Tuesday, June 19

Being more productive

Our days are full of things we have to do and want to do. We are constantly being pulled in all directions and add being a mummy on top of all this and you can sometimes end up in a heap feeling like the world is sitting on top of your shoulders. 
I have always been a list maker and an organizer but one of things I have to do now is to Prioritize, that way I can be more productive. So I have made a list to share with all of you..

One of the first things you as a Yummy Mummy need to do is to put your self first. A happy mummy is a happy baby. Go out for a walk, meet your girlfriends for a coffee on the weekends, take up a weekly yoga class. Its OK to not be with your child every waking minute of the day. You will come back feeling refreshed and be able to spend quality time happily playing with your child.

Whether it is your work email or personal email, set a limit on how and when you are going to check it.  So often by taking the time to check email, the distractions that are seemingly everywhere on the web can draw you in and before you know it, an hour has flown by.

 That way you can put things in as the come up , so your not waking up on a Tuesday thinking "I know I had something to do today.

I find if I plan all my meals the following week, I am more productive in the super market, I spend less money and less time each day stressing about what to cook.

They say little and often is the best way to diet its also the best way when it comes to the house hold chores. Tidy as you go , Pick up the kids toys when the kids go to bed at night. Clean the shower when your in the shower. ( Yes I do this after i have showered, I spray the glass daily with an eco friendly spray. That way it never builds up and I have to spend 2o mins scrubbing off soap scrum)  

 We have just started doing this recently and it really helps. Allocate a  night during the week ( we do Mondays) where you sit down and go through both of your weeks events, where you go through finances , children, work and anything else that is on your mind or troubling you. That way you are keeping lines of communication open. If anything pops up during the week that you are unhappy with, jot it down and bring it up at the weekly meetings. So nothing gets built up for weeks and you end up in a huge row. 

I have always been a free spirit do what you want when you want kinda gal, but when you have Children you just cant be that way anymore. Children like routine ,they get up at the same time each day, eat and nap at the same time and go to bed at the same time every day. It means they know what's coming next and gives them a sense of security. 

 Heres a contradiction to number 7 ;-) Just at children need routine, we also need to be flexible. if your child doesn't go to bed exactly at 7pm on the button on night, its not the end of the world. Be flexible when unexpected events, expectations and obstacles jump in your way. Life gets in the way sometimes and we just need to go with it. No used fighting. Besides sometimes something better comes along.

These are just a few of the things that I find really help me with my work/life balance.
Hope it helps you too

Monday, June 18

Monday Madness

Monday is here again. I have so much to do this week I don't know where to start. I am trying to get DJ in to a really cute little pre school down the road. It is perfect for children like DJ who have speech delay and have social difficulties. Places for this pre school go like hot cakes, and there is a lengthy process to go through. My self and Andrew need to be interviewed tomorrow, then they will assess DJ at his little creche that we go too. Then they do a home visit, all this week! I feel so nervous I hope they like us. Trying to figure out what to wear for the interview tomorrow! I am thinking something like this little shirt dress with sandals and a big bag full of entertaining toys and snacks for DJ .

Will let you know how I get on later this week.


Sunday, June 17

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Daddies out there, Especially mine. Thank you for being my strength and for always being there for me.

                                                            Love you Daddy
                                                 Vintage Photo of me and my Daddy

                                                               Grandpa and DJ


Saturday, June 16

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday my lovelies,
  Today I am going to relax have a leisurely breakfast, give DJ to his daddy, kick back take a bath, and meet me oldest friend for chats. Have a great weekend all.


Friday, June 15

Stylish Mums on the Run

I am always on the look out for outfit ideas. I want to combine my love of fashion, but also to be practical comfy and non restricting. ( as I spend most of my time on the floor making dens, and playing with trains with DJ)
I love these looks for being stylish, comfy and practical.
Ok so you saying to your self how is the Alexander Wang practical for playing trains on the floor with? well it takes some practice of course, but if it gets spilt milk on it, its easy to wipe away! See practical!

                                                    Loving this look for school run and then coffee with friends


Tuesday, June 12

Living on the beach

As the rain continues to pour from the skies above, I am dreaming I am living here at this amazing house on the beach! Oh a girl can dream


Monday, June 11

Summer photos

Here are some recent photos taken on the one sunny day that we had this month!

                                                     Tara dress Forever 21
                                                      Sophie and LJ dresses from Top Shop
                                                      DJ's top from Zara kids


Rainy days

I don't know about you but I am sick of this rain. Its coming up to the longest day of the year soon and instead of sitting out side drinking pimms, showing off my pretty sundresses I just purchased, I am sitting indoors wrapped in a cashmere jumper. I never know how to dress in the summer rain. Its muggy but damp, cold but hot, and my hair looks like I just stepped out of a Diana Ross video.
 Come on sun show your lovely face please!!


Friday, June 8

Big Boys Room

I have been thinking about changing Dylan's nursery in to a little boys room. It just looks a little bit babish for him.  Found some cool ideas. Don't you just love the blue bunk beds below!



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