Friday, December 31

2011 to do list

Every year I make a to do list, resolutions seem to fall by the way side after the 3rd week in January and the gym membership stops getting used about mid February.
So here is my to do list for 2011

* Get fit. My 10 month old is already crawling rings around me I dread to think what he will be like when he starts walking.

*Clean out my wardrobe. Anything that hasn't been worn in the last 12 months will be given to charity.

* Do a detox for a week. I've ever actually managed to do a detox before, I usually last about 2 hours.

*To go and explore New York for a week. I've only ever flown in and flown out again

*To take my sistesr to Paris for a long weekend

*Teach DJ to walk

* To make a kick ass come back to the wonderful world of movies. More details to follow... ;-)

* To do a photography course

*To take more time to actually enjoy my baby boy instead of trying to be super mum and do it all. It doesn't matter if the house falls apart. He is growing up way to fast.

What are your 2011 to do lists?


Tuesday, December 28


Merry Christmas to you all.
I hope you all had an amazing christmas? I certainly did.
Andrew for my christmas present flew my mum over all the way from New Zealand. I haven't seen her in 2 years.
It was a very emotional for a number of reasons the main one being it was the first time for her to meet DJ, her first grandchild. It has been a long hard 2 years being pregnant and having my first baby with out her here so you can imagine the tears.
Having my whole family here for DJs first christmas just meant the world to me. DJ was a little overwhelmed by all the people here and all the presents, he thought all the presents were for him and wanted to open them all. Of course he didn't care what was inside, he wanted the wrapping paper.
Here are some photos from our crazy family get together
Lots of love

Tuesday, December 21

Meeting Santa and the Aunties

Stepping out Saturday

Ok I Know I am late with this one again, But my sisters have arrived. Laura Jane arrived from New Zealand after her flights were cancelled about 4 times due to technical problems, and Sophie just made it before they closed Heathrow airport due to all the snow. So at least they are both here. We are now awaiting our father and our brother. I just hope the snow clears before christmas eve. Other wise they will have to hitch a lift with Father Christmas.
In other news we took DJ to see Santa he was less than thrilled. He just clung to his daddy.
But at least we got some photos.
SO now we are all cozy in our house watching the snow falling all around us.

Me - Jeans Tommy Hilfiger
Top diesel
Boots Brown Thomas

Andrew - jeans 7 for all man kind
jumper and shirt from Massimo Dutti

DJ- Dungarees Zara
Shirt Zara

Wednesday, December 15

My Holly Golightly moment

I was aimlessly wondering around London yesterday, whittling away the time till my flight back to Dublin. After an early flight made even earlier due to the fact that DJ decided he wanted to get up at 4.30am. I had an amazing meeting followed by a yummy lunch with a friend and now I was cold alone and wanting to go home to my baby. I still had 2 hours to kill before I even had to be at the airport. So as I felt a case of the mean reds creeping upon me, I thought of my idol Holly Golightly and thought I better get over to Old Bond Street and go to the one place that can make any girl smile. Tiffany's.
Just the very sight of the building made my heart jump for joy. Entering its big grand doors greeted by a rather burly but lovely door man and seeing all the smily lovely assistances just lifted my spirits instantly. Now every thing was a little out of my price range, but it didn't stop me looking.
I had my little Holly Golightly moment and made my merry little way off to the airport.
Maybe Ill have a little blue box under the tree for christmas? A girl can dream right?

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Tiffany's London =Heaven

Tiffiany's 2010 add campaigns. So beautiful and magical ahh love love


Monday, December 13

Some snaps of the weekend

This weekend we went to Powers court to see Santa, well we tried to see Santa but there was a Que. that was going to take 2 hrs. So we decided to see the elves instead and the reindeer in the shed. We will see Santa next week hopefully when my two wonderful sister come over. Yippee


Sunday, December 12

Stepping out Sunday

One of my fellow bloggers and yummy mummy Meghann ( you can find her here gave me this great idea, Every Saturday yummy mummies around the world post a picture of them selves and their little ones so we can see what they wore on that day. As I am obsessed with clothes and love seeing what others are wearing and where its from, I decided I would have to steal this idea and start doing it myself. Its usually called Stepping out Saturday but as I am a day late I am calling it Stepping out Sunday just for today...

Wearing Jacket from Top shop
Jeans Tommy Hilfigre
Boots Brown Thomas

Jacket Zara
Jeans Zara


Saturday, December 11

Christmas Ideas for Him

Here are a few ideas for the men in our lives...

My Man's favorite sent from Victor Rolf. Trust me it smells amazing.

Pinky Prints. Get your little ones finger prints on their daddies cufflinks. I got these for my man after our son was born. Great gift idea for anytime of the year.

Some Stylish black leather gloves keep those manly hands warm

A sexy Massimo Dutti cashmere knit jumper is cozy for those long winter walks


Friday, December 10

Christmas Ideas for her

Chanel Body oil. One word Divine.

White company practically anything from this store will have your gal grinning from ear to ear

cozy cashmere bed sock.. warm tooties

Hush do the most amazing cozy home wear and night wear. Perfect for Yummy mummies. Never be worried about answering the door again. You could practically go to the mall in these clothes.

Classic 80's film.


Tuesday, December 7

Cozy Christmas

Just thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of houses done up for christmas.
They look so lovely and cozy I want to curl up by the fire drinking hot chocolate


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