Thursday, August 16


Sorry for my lack of posts lately, the weeks seem to b flying past me at the moment. I am gearing up getting ready to go on holidays in 2 weeks. Traveling with DJ is not the easiest thing to do in the world, as he likes his routine and his diet is so restricted I have to make sure I bring all his gluten and wheat free snacks ect with me. I am not sure they know what gluten and wheat free diet is on the continent. So I am signing off for the summer and I will see you in September.

Have a wonderful Summer all

Friday, July 27

A Weekend in the country

My self and DJ are heading off for the weekend down to the country to visit my grandmother. Its the first weekend of the Olympics and probably a really good time to get out of London for some R&R. Ok maybe not so much the R&R with a toddler running around and lots of precious things lying around, but it will be nice to go out to the country air for some country walks with my little man.
Also will be nice to not cook for the weekend.
 Hope you have a lovely weekend

Thursday, July 26


This week the weather has been wonderful, we have spent many hours under the shade looking at trees, playing in the paddling pool and have ice creams. I just love waking up and the sun being out, makes getting out of bed so much easier..
Hope you are all having a wonderful week

Wednesday, July 18

Michael Kors Fall 2012

If you have read some of my fashion posts, you will already know I am slightly obsessed with Michael Kors. I love his clothes and I love his campaigns. His fall 2012 line has not let me down, he has added the glamour with a bit of old school Hollywood. My two favorite things, what's not to love.


Tuesday, July 17

Gluten free diet for kids

A lot of people say to me " that sounds like a lot of hard work" when I tell them that DJ is on a gluten and wheat free diet. At first I thought it was going to be hard, as you do have to look at ingredients in everything. I honestly could not live without the The Free From range at Sainsburys (also stocked in Tescos and some Asdas) They have a great selection of fish fingers, chicken nuggets, pies,pasta, breads, pizza, and all condiments and goodies. They are a little more expensive but its a price I am willing to pay to help DJ. I have seen such a huge difference in him since taking him off wheat and gluten and cows milk.
Going out and about can be a challenge, so you just have to make sure you are prepared. Pom Bears are gluten free and have no preservatives and there only a pound for 6 packs in Asda.
One thing the gluten and wheat free section are not great on is cookies and cakes, you can get some good cakes and cookie mixes from the free from range which i would suggest. I also came across these yummy chocolate chip cookies by lazy days which is by far the best out there. They also do different types as well.

I have the whole family on gluten and wheat free now as its just easier. There is gluten in a lot of products though so make sure you do look at the packaging. For example soya sauce and stock cubes contain gluten so make sure you get some without.


Tuesday Thoughts..


Monday, July 16

Monday Morning Madness...

 Good Morning all, I am not going to go on about the lack of sun in England this year, its just getting depressing. I had bought some lovely out fits and I wont be able to wear any of them until I go away to Portugal in September. Until then I am just going to have to stare at them in the wardrobe ..

Have  a wonderful Monday


Thursday, July 12

5ocents comments on Autism..

 After reading 50 cents comments on Twitter, calling  a child "Autistic looking" and not wanting no special needs kid following him" I decided to tweet him back with a photo of my son looking adorable, saying "this is what autism looks like in our house, pretty darn cute' An irish paper ran a story on us, and I am pleased its out there that DJ is Autistic because I am not ashamed of it, it doesn't change him as a person or as my son. In fact a lot of the cute Dylanisms, as well call it, is what makes us just adore him even more. We deal with certain situations a little differently but apart from that he is a normal 2 year old.
 After the story ran in Ireland and after the uproar about his comments, Car Phone warehouse cancelled his appearance to promote his new set of headphones.  I was so proud of them for taking the stand to cancel that gig and for standing up for all the autism kids out there. You can read the article Here
50 cent - 0   DJ - 1

Tuesday, July 10

Me Day...

I am so excited today I am going on a Me day. I am going to get my hair done ( as I seem to be resembling a skunk right now) Going to go a bit blonder, as I flirted with going Darker for a bit but my affair is now well and truly over. I am a blonde through and through!
Going to get my eye brows threaded and going to get waxed and buffed for my summer holidays which are approaching soon.
I also might pop in to a gallery or maybe a library and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while...


Monday, July 9

Monday Mantra

My Mantra for Today is

Happy Monday


Trust Dolce and Gabbana to go one step further than designing children's clothes, they have gone to the next level and are designing nappies!
My jaw almost dropped when I stumbled across there new ad campaign displaying a rather beautiful family and the little ones wearing none other than D&G nappies... of course you pay through the nose for them , and we all know how many nappies a baby goes through in 24 hrs! can you imagine how many you would have to buy!?! and the washing ( they are not disposable ) eeeekkk
This Yummy Mummy will just stick to the regular pampers nappies I think!


Friday, July 6

Its the Weekend!

Its the weekend and I can not wait to sit back and relax. Heading down to the sea side tomorrow for some negative ions. ( My Marine biology partner tell me negative ions are good for calming and de stressing)
So I am wishing you all a lovely weekend and signing off till next week



This week has been an emotional one, I can safely say I will be please to see the back of it. We had DJ diagnosis this week. Labeling for want of a better word. Up until now they have suspected that DJ had autism but they had to wait and asses him before they could "Statement" him.  For the past 6 months he has been attending play and development center where they watch him play. He has been going to speech therapy, he has had occupational therapy, and play therapy. All these things combined along with home visits and endless chats with me they then asses him. We went in on Tuesday and again all the people we have seen are there. The Pediatric Dr sits behind a mirrored wall and observes him, and the speech therapist and his social worker are in the room with him playing, along with his Daddy and I. They watched him play for an hr seeing if he would take part in some of their games and if he would make believe play. My sister then took DJ off for a walk while they chatted to us. We then went to grab  a coffee while the discussed it among them selves and then we were called back in. I knew what they were going to say, I guess you just secretly hope that they will turn around and say its just speech problems. They confirmed he was on the Autistic spectrum but that as he was young there is so much we can do to insure that he is a high functioning. They also said that they can all see how special he is and that he is destined for great things ( well I knew that all along).
I had a little cry that night, I am not sure why as I feel totally ok with it. I just feel emotionally drained. It is a challenge at times, but I wouldn't change a thing about him.


Friday, June 29

It's the weekend..

Finally after a week that seemed to go on forever, its the weekend and my little brothers birthday. Happy Birthday James ;-)
We have the family coming over today and then we are off out for dinner tonight, so I am looking forward to that. DJ is very excited that his favorite person in the whole world ( his grandpa) is coming over and it means I can pass him over and I can sit back and relax! Yes!

Have a great weekend all

Thursday, June 28

Just want to say.....

I am just running out the door ( seem to be doing that a lot lately eating on the run dressing on the run) but I had to share our good news, that DJ got a place in September for that pre school that specializes in children with social and language communication. Yay. Will post more later, but right now we are off to early learning center for play and development

Monday, June 25

Lipstick Monday

Hello All I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I caught up on some much needed rest and also some of my magazines. I've noticed there is a lot of lovely lipstick colours around. I have never been a big of fan lipstick I have always been more of a chap stick and lip gloss kinda girl. But having seen all these lovely shades of pinks and peach I am maybe change my mind. I think I may have to get my self down to the shops to go and experiment.

Have a wonderful Day


I am so excited for Wimbledon this year. We have moved a stones through away from the Wimbledon Courts and the Village is buzzing with anticipation and excitement . I just really hope the rain stays away so I can go and see some of the matches.

I am also looking forward to seeing what stylish tennis out fits the players will wear! Tennis has become tres fashionable as of late. Just makes it that much more glamourous.


Sunday, June 24

Silly Sunday's

Today DJ and I had a late breakfast played in the garden and took some silly photos. Love Silly Sundays.

Hope you all had a great weekend


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