Sunday, October 31

Magic Nickers Vrs Magic Tights

Its coming up to party season and I have been on the hunt for the perfect underwear to go under my perfect party dress. I need underwear thats up to the all mighty task of holding in the mummy tummy smoothing out the lumps and bumps.
Of course the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of shaping underwear is Spanx, retailing at 60-80 euro. They do have a lot of other cheaper versions on the market, which I am sure are just as good, but I needed to see what all this fuss was about. So I bought my self a pair of Spanx. One of my loveliest girlfriends got married in the summer so I thought this was the perfect time to try them out. It took me about 20 mins of jumping around my bedroom, wiggling and squirming to get in to them. They are as you can imagine not very attractive and you wouldn't want to be getting them off in a hurry. Note to self, don't wait until bladder is completely full before heading to the ladies. Once I put the dress on it did what is said on the packet, my tummy was remarkably flat and it did smooth out the lady lumps, however I had fat knees and fat ribs. The spanx does indeed hold you in, in all the places it says but what it fails to say is that it pushes the unsightly bits up and down. Do they make an all over body spanx?
Once I put the dress on over the top it looked fine and was actually quite comfortable. So feeling quite confidant I enjoyed the day immensely, until the dancing started. Spanx are not breathable, so once I started jumping around the dance floor I got very hot and sweaty, by the end of the night when I fell back to our bedroom at 3 am I wanted to cut them off. SO the verdict on spanx. 6/10 fine for summer weddings over a flowing dress if you are back to your pre pregnancy weight and just want to hide a few lumps.
On to the next item on my list. Trinny and Susanna magic tights. These magic tights promise to lift your bum, hold in the tummy and smooth out the thighs, sounds good to me. Usually these magic tights retail anywhere from 20 euro to 40 euro depending on where you get them, however good old Tk max have them for 8.99 Euro. BARGIN!
A dinner party at a friends house was a perfect time to try these babies out. They are a lot easier to put on than the spanx, you do have to wiggle a little bit to get in to them, but once they are up past the knees they go up fairly easier. They also go up to your ribs, so unlike the spanx you don't get fat knees or fat rolls by your ribs. I am pleased to say they do exactly what they say on the packet and more. My bum was high and firm, my legs looked long and lean, lady lumps gone and my mummy tummy GONE! In my opinion these are the best things since sliced bread. I even tried on my tight pre pregnancy dress just to see what it looked like. Kim Kardashian eat your heart out! For the first time in a year I actually liked what was looking back at me in the mirror. All signs that I had a baby 8 months ago were gone, well apart from dark circles and the mashed banana in my hair.
So now I have the perfect underwear all I need now is the perfect party dress.
Verdict 9/10. The reason I give 9/10 is that I had to take them off.


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