Monday, September 5

Trying to get used to this new blogger setting, so bare with me while I get the hang of it.
While scouring the internet for inspiration on homes I came across these lovely images. I actually think I need a change of career and to become an interior designer. I am actually obsessed.


Friday, September 2

Changing Hair

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the change in colours on the trees the cooler air makes it nice to go for walks, and I start to feather my nest for the winter. Its also the time of year where I get the urge to change something about my self! Last year I went for the chop and lobbed off 6 inch of my hair. This year I am thinking about changing the colour of my hair. I am usually a blonde blonde but I've always liked the idea of going back to my childhood colour of light brown with gold strands. I would say natural hair colour but its a little complicated. When I was born I was born with chocolate brown hair then as I got older it got lighter, more of a mousey brown colour. Then when I was 16 and I got sick and some of my hair fell out and when it grew back it grew back lighter and more mousey blonde. So I decided to go blonde. My eye brows are blonde as are my eyelashes. I have dabbled in going a little darker before but I felt it washed me out. However after seeing the new trends on the catwalks and seeing as going to the dark side seems to be in fashion I thought why not.
I don't think I am brave enough to go all the way and go back to chocolate brown, think I may give poor DJ a fright! But I was thinking more golden...

Now if only I looked like Douzen I would be happy.
What do you think, should I go darker or should I stay a blonde??


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