Friday, October 1

Weekly Update

Firstly I just wanted to say a massive thank you, to all of you have given kisses to the BigKiss campaign. Every kiss helps so keep on kissing.
I have been so bad at blogging this week. I am still getting over this cold, its hanging on in there for dear life.
Of course as luck would have it, the week I am really ill, I had to fly to London and have two of the biggest meetings I've had all year.
London was great and I love being part of the Pampers big kiss campaign but getting up at 4 am voluntarily just completely wiped me out. I had two great meetings Wednesday and Thursday about some films I am involved with, which I will be telling you all about once I get everything in place.
I ve also had a sick little baby this week too. It just breaks my heart when he gets sick. He is frustrated because he can't breathe through his nose and there for can't have his dodi (soother) and he can't take his bottle properly. So he has been a little upset with that. Also his daddy dropped him! Well he didn't really drop him, he rolled off the changing mat when he was reaching for a nappy. he hit his head pretty hard on our wooden floors and gave him self a nice little bump on his forehead. So poor little man has had a tough week.
He is such a little trooper though, he smiles through it all.
Hope you all have a good weekend
Catch up next week

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