Wednesday, October 13

Packing for Rome

Packing has never been an easy task, but add a 7 month old baby in to the mix and it becomes impossible. I am packing for Rome, we are only going for 4 days, Yet I have two out fits for everyday. Everything I put in to the suitcase DJ takes it out when I turn my back. Does he not realize we are going to the very stylish Rome, where dressing babies up is a hobbie. We cant let the side down. He has his best out fits ready for dinner, his most stylish outfits for sightseeing, and Ive got a big hat for him to wear to try and protect his little cheeks from being pinched! Those wonderful italians are delightful, but if my memory serves me well, I remember as a child having my cheeks pinched A LOT.
My luggage allowance is only 15kg, thats for myself and DJ. In that has to go 3 pairs of shoes, 2 coats, 6 outfits for both of us, toiletries for me, toiletries for DJ, food Nappies and milk ( just in case they don't have the SMA formula over there)
I don't think we are going to make the weight limit some how. Our flight is nice and early, try 6 am. Which means we have to be up by 4am to be there for 5am. DJ is still taking a bottle then too so at least one of us will be up. Ill feed him his next feed on the plane to help his ears equalize. I am bringing a stroller as our buggy is a 2 piece and they wont allow that, Stupid Ryan Air. I am also bringing the papoose, just in case the air port becomes to much for him. I am traveling with Andrew (my man) too so at least there will be another set of hands. Its not so easy taking your shoes off for security while having a baby strapped to your front.
Well Ill be back to update on Sunday
Enjoy your weekend

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