Monday, October 18

Bambino in Roma

We are just back from our trip to Rome. It was amazing, even if we did have a few mishaps along the way!
When we arrived in Rome we had a car come and pick us up, the first thing that shocked me is. Babies (bambinos) don't need to sit in a car seat! We didn't have one, as we thought we would be getting the bus in to town and then the metro, which brings you practically everywhere you need to go. So when a car came to pick us up the first thing I said is "Do they have a baby seat" I was waved off and told they don't need one. So I held, very tightly on to DJ in the back of the car, even when we stopped to ask a policeman he just looked at is and smiled! CRAZY! So we arrive at our destination, an apartment right by the Colosseum. Unfortunately our apartment was at the very top and there was no lift.. Um excuse me I have a baby a buggy 2 suitcases and a baby bag.. The apartment left a little to the imagination. Everything in Rome is very expensive, and we happened to be there, the same time the Pope was making a few saints.. As you do.. he was making the first Australian saint, so the city was hopping with tourists. So everything was booked up. Andrew had to go to a meeting, and so left DJ and I to look around the city. Of course the min he leaves us, I try climbing the stairs to our apartment, and what happens, I drop the baby, somehow I lost grip of the buggy, as I was pulling it up the stairs and he went down smack on to his face on to the old stone steps. I have never been so scared in all my life as I go to pick him up there is blood all over his mouth. I run out on to the street like a mad woman asking everyone if I can borrow their phones to call Andrew.( I forgot to turn on roaming on my mobile/cell phone) By the time Andrew comes back DJ has calmed down , but I am still a mess! Luckily he only busted his lip. And I got the award for the worst mum of the year award. We promptly moved to a hotel with the last room in Rome available. I didn't care where it was as long as it had a lift.
After we settled and had a little sleep we then went walking around Rome. There is just so much to see, and every corner you turn is something more beautiful than the last street.
Rome is not the easiest city to navigate a buggy around. The streets are all cobbled, so not great for high heels, or buggies. If you must have a bit of height, go with the wedge heels. If you can the best way to go around the city with a baby is to bring the papoose. Especially when visiting the famous sights. We made the mistake of bringing the buggy to the Colosseum. Too many steps un even ground not good! Another tip if your visiting the Colosseum, or any other famous landmark, is to go with a tour. Usually I steer clear of those tours , I hate people coming up to me saying "Tour in english " I don't trust them. However when I saw the line in to the Colosseum, I did some re thinking. It was 20 euro each as opposed to 12 Euro each, you skipped the que, and you also went in to see the the forum aka the oldest part of Rome. You also get to know all the inside information, and not just the standard blurb you get in the guide books. The company we went with was Romaround. I would also recommend taking the 110 tour bus around to all the landmarks. Its an open top bus that you can hop on and hop off as you please. You also get to see a lot of Rome in a short space of time. Especially if your there only for a weekend like us
If you are going to Rome with a baby bring your own formula milk. I don't know if they just go straight from breast to cows milk, but they don't seem to sell formula milk. They do stock baby food though, but not in the super markets you will find it in some chemists.
Italians love bambinos, but there are no babies around. Its most bizar. Seemingly 50% of the population of Italy is over 60, People are only having 1 to 2 babies now. Oh times have changed. I coul not go down the street with out men and women stopping me to admire my baby. DJ took all the attention very well. In fact he relished in it. Smiling flirting he loved it.
So we arrived home yesterday. DJ has caught a terrible cold on the flight so we are now tucked up on the sofa looking through our holiday photos.

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