Tuesday, August 31

Wedge heels

An item I think needs to be in all yummy mummies wardrobes are the Wedge Heels, or as I call them my wedgies..
They originated in the 40's and have made a huge comeback in the past few years.
I have always loved them, but since becoming a mummy I cant live without them.
Over the weekend we went to a wedding. I started the day going to the church in my high heels. I could not walk in them. I know I am out of practice but I looked like a new foal trying to walk for the first time!
I came home after the church to bring DJ to to the baby sitter and promptly changed in to my sturdy wedgies.
Now I don't know about you, but walking in heels and carrying a baby is a no go! Not only is it dangerous but its just impossible! I look through magazines and see some celebrities tottering around in high heels with baby on hip. I have tried and it doesn't work for me. But fear not my fellow yummy mummies, we don't need to put on a pair of heels to make our legs feel long and slim, we don't need to wear them to feel elegant and a little bit more human, the wedgies do all of the above and more. If you find a pair of nude wedge shoes it can make your legs look endless and toned. I have about 4 pairs of wedges, and I am seriously thinking about actually finding a pair of wedge heels for my wedding next year! I kid you not!

Wedge heels are perfect anytime of the year.. Closed toe for winter, or wedge heel boots. For spring and summer a great pair of pokadot wedgies spice up a cute summer dress or pair of jeans.

Wedge heels are anywhere from $19 up..


Thursday, August 26

Baby Brain and Travels

I have just been over in the Uk for 5 days for my grandmothers 80th Birthday.
I had to travel alone with DJ there and back as my man had to work. How inconvenient of him! ;-)
Getting there was fine. As long as I have a bottle of milk at the ready for take off and landing, and my papoose ready, I am all good. Arrived in to Gatwick airport greeted by my sister Sophie. We stayed a night in London and shopped up a storm on the famous Kings road.
Next day headed to my grandmothers in the country. She was expecting about 40 of her closest friends and family, all of whom were dying to see DJ. The day of the party DJ was so cranky. Teething like mad, 6 month grumps, and decided this was the day to start separation anxiety. Which of course did not go down well with my grandmother, of course she is from the era of "Children should be seen and not heard". My poor baby got passed around and around to all these strange people. It was like he was part of the circus. The other thing that really got under my skin, and had to try my hardest not to get angry, was the amount of people sticking their fingers in their alcoholic drinks and sticking there grubby fingers in my babies mouth saying " Don't be so precious of your baby, all our mothers did this to us, alcohol is good for babies who are teething" I wanted to scream. SMiling through gritted teeth I made my exit with baby in tow. Now, I know I don't want to be too precious with him, and or course everyone wants to hold a lovely baby, however when that baby turns cranky and tired, no one wants him and shoves him back in my direction. I of course am them up for hours after everyone goes home, trying to soothe my little man to sleep, and deal with his dodgy tummy.
Anyway the party was a success as far as my grandmother was concerned. Mission accomplished.
Monday morning bright and early, 5am to be exact I head for the airport. I arrive at the airport only to realize I am at the bloody wrong airport. My airport was at least 2 hours in the other direction. So off we sped to the other airport. Of course I missed my flight, had to plead to get on the next available flight. Of course that was full. So I had to wait for a few hours in the airport till my flight. DJ decides to get sick all over me and himself as we are going through customs. Now I am usually super prepared for all events after being a mum for 6 months, and being caught in the most awkward of situations, But somewhere in the mix up of airports, early morning rise, I forgot to A) pack an extra baby grow for DJ and B) forgot to pack an extra top for me. You would think airports would be equipped for such eventualities but no.I wondered around the airport for 30 mins trying to find something for DJ. Gatwick airport does not sell any baby clothes. NOTHING NADA ZIP! despite having over 50 shops in there. So poor DJ had to make do with his vest and his blankie wrapped around him. Finally 4 hours later we get on our flight home. I was meant to arrive at 8am in the morning but I arrived at 5pm instead. I was so pleased to make it home. DJ is still really unsettled, we are trying to get back in to our routine, hopefully by the weekend we will be back on track!


Wednesday, August 25

6 Months old

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old already. Its been a huge roller coaster of laughs, tears, fear, and unbelievable love.
It feels like the longest shortest 6 months of my life. I still can't believe I have a baby and I am a mummy. It really is such a trip having a baby. THe moment the midwife placed him in my arms, I felt this overwhelming feeling of protectiveness. Not this head over heals love they talk about. I was in charge of this little tiny (or not so tiny 9lbs 2oz) baby. He relied on me for everything. In just a short few months, he is now his own little personality. Every day is something new and exciting. The oooo sound or the bbbb sounds. All the mile stones of sitting up and smiling is just so exciting. I never thought I'd find so much joy in seeing this little human develop his personality. I love making him laugh. His belly laugh. If you ever walk past my house at 6.30pm its not uncommon to see me dancing around the living room, making a fool of my self just to make him laugh. The love I have for him is unexplainable. The love he gives me is like no other. I take pride knowing that i taught him to push a button or clap his hands.
In 6 months my body and mind is slowly coming back to the old me. Its true what they say that at 6 months your hips and your ribs start to come back in. Which is a huge relief. My hips are not exactly where they are but there getting there. I feel mentally strong again, and I feel in control. I know what his cries mean now. I know that when I put him to sleep that he is tired despite his protests.
Every day seems to whiz past so quickly, I am trying to mentally capture every moment.
I adore my little man and I adore being a mummy.
Happy 6 months baby...

Tuesday, August 24

Honey I burnt a hole in the Plastic card!

I have a problem, I can not walk in to a shop without buying something for the baby.
I am like a magpie who swoops and dives in at anything shiny and new. Is there AA for shopaholics?

I cant even walk past a shop without just popping my head in. I know new mums are easy pray, but the clothes they have for babies are just so darn cute It would be rude to just walk on by. I love dressing my boy up in all the beautifully made clothes even if he will only wear them once, because lets be honest here by the time it goes down to to the wash and back he will have out grown them.
Which is a great exuse to go out and buy more.
However my credit card or shall I say my mans credit card is not so happy with me. So what's a girl to do? Go to TK max of course!
You can get some seriously cute baby clothes in there for half the price! You just have to restrain your self in buying the whole lot because it is half price.
Although my spending sprees on my son, are the root of most arguments in our household, If daddy goes out to the shops he also can not resist buying something for our adorable son.
I might as well enjoy dressing my baby up while I can, because soon enough he will be horrified to let me even pick out a t shirt for him.

Thursday, August 12

New Hair New me

I was always wondering why new mums always cut their hair, after they have a baby! I swore that I would never ever ever cut my hair. Its my trade mark. I ve had long blonde hair for most of my adult life.( I was born with mousy brown hair, but I knew I was an inner blonde.) When I was pregnant my hair grew rapidly and I was delighted. Along comes DJ and it all starts to fall out!
As I've mentioned a previous blog. I've been going through a real identity crisis. So after the soul searching, I started to look at my appearance. My hair since having Dj has become brittle and dry and is falling out.He is always grabbing my hair too.
My daily wardrobe consists of black leggings and long tops, usually covered in spit up. My hair is usually in a top bun on my head.So now I am getting back to work, auditioning giving interviews on being a yummy mummy, I thought I better actually start looking like a yummy mummy. So bye bye leggings, I will get in to my jeans. Bye bye granny panties.. hello french knickers.

I made an appointment in Brown Sugar Hair salon. I started off by telling the hairdresser " A little blonder, a little trim" As she went about coloring my hair. I came across a picture of Jessica Alba, who had just cut her hair in to a long version of the bob. I loved it. So feeling brave I say to her " Cut it off"
So 3 hours later I look up from my magazine. 6 inch gone and I am blonder. I am loving the new do.
I do feel slightly naked with out my long locks. But it will grow.

Thursday, August 5

To much pressure to be a perfect mum?

In my last blog I touched on the subject guilt. As mothers we have a lot of it. We try to juggle homes, love lives,babies and careers. Along with being the most amazing thing in the world its also very very hard being a mum.
Reading through the latest Harper Bazaar (UK) edition Gisele Bundchen declared all women should breast feed exclusively for the first 6 months. She says “Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child, when they are so little?’ There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”
When I read this it made me angry but also sad, like I was a bad mother for only breast feeding for the first 4 months of my sons life. After that it was his choice to stop. One day when I tried latching him on, he cried and cried. He was hungry he wanted more than what I had to offer him. SO what was I to do? Let me child starve no. Some mothers also cant breast feed. One friend that I know had to have multiple blood transfusions so she was not there to start her son off her milk dried up, due to the stress. The fact is some mothers just cant breast feed. She has a habit of putting her foot in it, in an earlier edition of Vogue she said "It didn't hurt in the slightest. The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought, 'My baby is closer to coming out’. It wasn’t like, 'This is so painful’. So I transformed that intense feeling into a hope of seeing him."
Now for some one who had a very painful labour and 2nd degree tear, that was something I really did not want to hear.
I am hoping that, as english is not her first language, that she just got mis understood.
Still its hard for us mums who try so hard and then to hear another mum declare that its all so easy.

I can't deny it though, she does look bloody amazing.. I really don't think she is human . Perhaps she is an Avatar!

Monday, August 2

A Walk in the woods

We took DJ for a walk in the woods this weekend. He absolutely loved the sound of the trees. He was fascinated with the river running through the woods, he didn't know which way to look. I love watching him taking it all in, everything is new and exciting for him, it makes me look at the world through different eyes too. Everything is magical.


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