Tuesday, September 14

What did you just say?

I thought DJ was teething at 3 months old. How wrong I was!. This week teething has taken on a whole new meaning. My lovely happy little chappy has been replaced with a cranky whingy little boy. His cheeks are bright red, I am changing his bibs every 30 min. He is chomping on everything, He is super clingy and he is not sleeping at all!!! Now I have never had the best sleeper in the world, but this is taking the cake. He will just not sleep at all. I have even taken him in to the bed with me. He still wont sleep. Last night, DJ's daddy was at a stag so it was just me and the little man. After a stressful day of not being able to put Dj down, having him hanging off me all day, I was so looking forward to 8pm when I could put him down to bed and hope and pray I would get a few hours to myself. After a few hours of singing, rocking, swaying, teetha, bonjella, and calpol he finally fell asleep around 8pm. I then collapsed in to bed myself. After an hour and half the crying starts. There he is on his tummy looking around. A few hours later and he is still not asleep I bring him in to bed with me. He still wont sleep! I am dosing off and I leave him chatting away to him self. He is babbling and blowing bubbles then I hear DaDa DaDa.. Suddenly I am awake and smiling.. Its his first word. He has no idea what he is saying, but hey I ll take it . His first word! I wanted him to keep saying it then. Its funny how babies seem to know when they have almost pushed you to the limit, they will do something so cute, all is forgiven.


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