Wednesday, September 22


It is so easy to get so caught up in the baby, that its easy to forget about your self. How many time's have you not had time to eat, take a shower, get dressed! When do mums ever take 5 min for them selves? We are forever juggling home, work, baby that taking time for us is very low down on the list.
Its all to easy to not have a shower or to stay in our pajamas all day. Were too tired, too much to do, the excuses are endless. In reality we can all take 5 for our selves. Its actually very important for our well-being, our relationships , self esteem and in general how we feel about our selves.
As I have mentioned before I suffered with Post natal depression, it was a struggle to do anything. But dragging my self up getting in the shower putting a bit of bronzer on made a huge difference in my mood.
Work it in to your routine. I get up in the morning and feed Dj his bottle and make a cup of tea for myself. We then sit down to watch the news and have a play. At 10 am wether he is tired or not I will put him in his crib and put on his music mobile. I close the door and jump in the shower. I know he is fed, safe and doesn't have a dirty nappy so if he whines, well then so be it. He can whinge!I am not being mean, I am being realistic. Every min of my day is devoted to my son, so I am going to be a little selfish and take a bit of time to gather my thoughts. After the shower, I slather on some yummy body shop body butter,and I put on my uniform. Either Black leggings and a long pretty top, or a pair of flattering jeans and a t shirt. Make up is incredible simple. I have it down to a fine art. On a washed face I slather on Estee Lauder SPF15 moisturizer, If I am going out I will use a little of Olay tinted Moisturizer, which hides any signs of a bad night, my hula bronzer on under my cheek bones, forehead, and jaw line (being careful to blend) a little blusher on the cheeks, and Lancome drama mascara and voila.. I look semi normal.
All of that will take me 15 min.
Do you have a morning routine? How do you take a little a time for your self?


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