Thursday, September 9

Fashion Fashion Fashion

Last night my gorgeous friend Holly took me to the Harvey Nichols fashion show in the Harvey Nichols store in Dundrum shopping center.

I was greeted by a glass of champagne and a gaggle of socialites, TV presenters and fashionistas. Everyone was dressed to the 9's. After 3o mins of mingling and taking photos, we made way down to a big warehouse where the fashion show was about to be held. It was very New york, with graffiti on the walls and amazing art works from Helen Steele. We settled down in the front row, with pens in hand. Now usually when I go to a fashion show I ooh and ahhh over some piece, but know that they will never look as good on me, as they do on the waif like models, and who really wears a see through dress anyway!!?!
But Last night everything I saw was Amazing! Everything was very very wearable. In fact a bit too wearable, I managed to write down at least 10 things I wanted, and tallied up a bill in my head for at least 10 grand! I wish!
I was totally inspired by the clothes that I wanted to come home and chuck out all my old clothes and start again. Paul and Joe sister tuxedo jacket was just divine and the Alice and Olivia black embellished cape were my favorites of the night.

The other thing I usually don't like about fashion shows is the fact that all the clothes are madly expensive. However all the clothes were reasonably priced. After the fashion show most people mingled around the clothes and bought a few items. I did walk away empty handed, but armed with a list to give to my man. Christmas is coming don't you know! ;-)



  1. Ohh, Very cute outfits!
    Certainly looks like a lovely night. :)

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