Tuesday, September 28

Pampers Big Kiss

Yesterday I went over to the UNCIEF Head Quarters in London. After a 5 am start and a race to catch the plane a long taxi ride later, I pulled up outside the UNCIEF grey building. After 3 hours of listening to some amazing speakers, I walked away feeling inspired and wanting to do anything and everything I could to help. The reason I was there was to help cure tetanus in developing countries. Tetanus is something we don't hear about in our countries, but its a real problem in over 42 of the poorer countries. But it doesn't have to be that way. A simple vaccine given to a mother and child can cure this. Over 100 million women have been treated and have gone on to have healthy babies, but there are 170 million mothers and children still at risk.Tetanus is a medical condition that kills babies and their mothers by prolonged contractions of the muscles. It is contracted by an open wound not being treated properly. In developing countries, most women give birth in their mud huts and have the umbilical cord cut with a rusty object . Because they have not had the vaccine the babies usually die in the first 8 days.
Pampers and UNCIEF have joined forces to try and wipe out tetanus, and this is where YOU come in. Yes YOU, not just, you with the baby, but you with your skinny 24 inch waist and no kids, You with your suit, You sitting with your grandchildren, we need your help. Not only are Pampers doing a "buy one pack of pampers, donate one vaccine" promotion but they are doing the BIGKISS campaign. Where all you have to do it click on my lovely red lips over in the right hand bar and voila you have donated a vaccine. But We do really really really need your help, as you can only donate one vaccine, I need you to send this link to everyone you know and get them to press on the lips. Send a virtual kiss, save a life. These babies are someone's baby, sister, brother,niece, nephew, grandchild.
Tetanus is something that we can cure in the next few years so come on lets do this. We have 4 weeks to get as many virtual kisses as possible.

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