Tuesday, February 15

The Terrible Ones?

I know all about the terrible twos, but what about the terrible ones?
DJ has recently starting throwing these tantrums. I mean full on head thrown back, shaking, crying, screaming until he gets what he wants! Um Hello you are a year to early for these, what is going on? I was not expecting these.
I am not too sure how I handle these tantrums either. He is still a baby, has no idea what I am saying half the time, so how do I begin to explain to him that, "no you cant have mummies bottle of wine" Or no darling you cant put that screw driver in your mouth"
 Do I let him thrash it out on the floor?
I try to distract him with other shiny objects, which usually works. But where my real problem is in the middle of the night. My beautiful son is still waking throughout the night and the only thing to get him back to sleep is his bottle. I am trying to wean him off having a bottle in the middle of the night but all he does is have one of his tantrums. Which to be honest is very hard to deal with when its 2am and I am shattered.
If anyone has any advice on this matter I would really appreciate it.
I do have to add that he is usually a loving happy little chappy..

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