Monday, February 28

Is Sun Cream bad for you?

Last week super model Gisele Bundchen made another controversial statement, saying that "Sun Cream was poison" Of course this sent cancer activist in to a frenzy, and called her an irresponsible role model. Her camp then responded saying that " The translation was misunderstood" and that Gisele was simply stating that a lot of sun creams have harmful parabens and chemicals in them, and to choose a natural alternative. Does she have a point? I have done my own research on this matter and I believe this statement to be true. Now I am not saying at all to go out with no sun cream on. I am as white as can be and I have very sensitive skin as does Dylan. The reason most conventional sun creams can cause cancer is because it contains toxic chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance, chemical colors and petroleum products used as fillers and stabilizers. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin where they enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc on the immune system. Artificial fragrances, just by themselves, may contain dozens of carconigenic chemicals that damage the liver, the heart, and even promote systemic cancer. How ever there are other alternatives out there. Organic Childrens Sun Lotion SPF25 in lavender is a wonderful product that has been made without parabens, lanoiln, phthalates, artifical perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants. 
Its a myth that you need to use Sun Block or factor 50 to protect your self and your child. I spent many years living in Asia, Australia and New Zealand and one Doctor I spoke to, said its actually better and safer to use maximum SPF 25 and to just reapply it every 2 hours. Rather than to slather our selves in SPF 50 and leave that on all day, and that block the sunlight out altogether.  We seem to forget that the Sun has many benefits to us as well. Providing us with essential vitamin D. 
So instead of slathering our selves and our babies in SPF chemical ridden sun block, choose a more natural alternative and cover your little ones up with hats and a t-shirt. 

Bring on the Summer...


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  1. Soo Cute Baby .and i think Sun Cream is protect body skin from sun ultraviolet rays. So i think it's Good for your Skin.

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