Sunday, February 27

Shoes Shoes Shoes..

I am a bit of a shoe addict, so you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of going to buy shoes for my little man. Yesterday was the day that my little crawling not yet walking but cruising baby was about to get his first pair of shoes. All dressed up we dragged DJs daddy and his credit card with us. Shoes here we come...
The first stop was to Clarks shoe shop. I remember being bought in there to get my first pair of school shoes. I wanted the patient pretty pair, but my mother made me get the boring lace up leather pair! We got his foot measured and just as I expected he has a wide foot like this mummy. As my eyes gazed across all the beautiful little shoes, I saw the perfect pair. They were so french, and we all know how obsessed I am with anything remotely French. They were navy blue little boat shoes, with a little white rope going across the top. I grabbed them and said the assistant " Do you have these in his size?" The assistants shock his head and said " No I am afraid they are too narrow for him, and they are not a pre walker shoe" Pre walker.. No no no my little man is almost walking, well holding both of my hand, and we are going to Cannes next week, these shoes are the perfect shoe for him to wear as we touch down in the South of France. How can this man not understand this. So without listening to him I pick up the  biggest pair that I could find and tried to put it on DJs foot. Hmmmm if I just squeeze his foot in just a little it might give a little?!? Nope no luck.. I turn to the assistant again and said to him " Ok thats not going to work, what do you have that will fit him?" He produces the most hideous pair of shoes I have even seen, They look like something that old age pensioners would wear!  THIS IS IT?.. this is all you have for my beautiful wide fat footed little boy!?! Andrew  laughs at me, and says we can look somewhere else.  So off we go again to trudge around the shops. Three shops later we go in to Mother Care. They had a lovely selection of shoes and all at 20% off.  Thankfully the woman assistant understood my frustration at wanting a pair of walking shoes that were supportive and lightweight yet cute at the same time. So we finally settled on a cute pair of pre walking shoes that were made for wide feet. There was only 1 or 2 choices but I was happy enough. She did give me great advice and told me that all Italian and Spanish made shoes are all made for wide feet. So I guess next time we go get him some shoes we will have to fly to Italy or Spain ;-) !


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