Tuesday, February 8

Bring on the Summer

Its wet and windy outside but I am getting in the mood for summer.
This will be my first summer that I will be donning a swimsuit/ bikini since becoming a Mummy. Ok so I know I had last summer with Dylan but really that was a right off. I spent the whole summer hiding behind flowing maxi dresses. This year as our family holiday approaches I can not hide behind bellowing dresses saying to people that I have just had a baby. Um my baby is now 1 I don't think I can get away with that anymore. So out with my Tracy Anderson DVDs its time to say good by to Tina the talking tummy and hello washboard abs.. ( we can all dream can't we)
Here are some yummy mummy bikinis, sexy swim suits ( just in case I don't reach super model body in time) and of course some sarongs to cover up those lumps and bumps.. All from Victoria Secrets . VS bikinis are great because they have push up in the tops, which after a baby lets face it there not what they used to be, but we can fake it, the swim suits offer a sexy alternative to bikinis if your still not that confidant.
Get ready Yummy Mummies.. Bring on the summer

By the way, all these VS models are mummies too...
If they can do it.. ah who am I kidding bring on the vino


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  1. I dont have baby to excuse my tum! just too much booze and vino! Ok situps here I come!



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