Thursday, February 10

Should we spend less time online?

My lovely little lap top has been my best friend in my darkest hour in those early month of being a new mother. Google taught me what reflux was, how I should soothe a screaming child who has cried all night. It was my life saver. I would come online and talk to my online friends who were also new mums, I would check my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Small world and read the news papers all online.  I also use the internet to research what foods I should give my baby and at what stages I should be given to him. I research everything online. Which is great to be able to get some much information from not just one source but 10.
Today I came across an article (again online) about how mums spend too much time online and its having a negative effect on their children. Do you think that modern mums spend too much time online? 
I know for me this rang alarm bells in my head. Do I spend too much time online? the answer is YES I do. 
My day starts going online drinking my tea. Throughout the day I find my self drawn to my laptop, fearing I am missing out on something, also desperate for some interaction other than just chatting to my baby boy all day. Don't get me wrong I love my baby but there is only so much mama dada baba conversation I can take. 
But this is all an excuse really,  I do need to get out more and meet some more mums and friends face to face, rather than just virtually. 
The other thing I really want to do is go the Library. Remember those? I used to love going in there, the smell of the books. all the knowledge that was hidden beneath the covers. Most libraries even have a children section with toys and books. They have so many books on childcare and recipe books.
My new goal for this year is to get out more and to take DJ to a Library, I am sure he will love them as much as I once did.  
Its so easy to make excuses not to go out, mainly because of the dreary weather outside. 
I am not saying I am going to give up online.. oh no.. but I am going to limit my time to updating my blog and replying to emails to when he is napping. 
I also need to stop going on so much at night time. Electronical devises have take over our world. At night time, Andrew comes home and plonks in front of the TV and I sit in front of my lap top. I don't want to be one of those families who don't talk. Who all eat dinner in front of the TV/ computers. I didn't grow up like that, So I don't want my children that this is what family life is about. I want chats around the dinner table talking about our day. 
So with all this writing I better go and get some cleaning done before the little man wakes up and we go out for  a walk. .. in the rain.. well I gotta start somewhere ;-)

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