Monday, November 15

To crawl or not to crawl ...

DJ will be 9 months on the 18th November, and there is still no sign of crawling. He tries very hard but he cant seem to get the hang of it. We start off sitting, then we do a bounce and we bounce on to our hands then we kinda bounce some more then splat he falls on to his tummy and cries. I sometimes just leave him there to see what he does, but he just pushes him self up in to a push up (or the plank) and looks at my with his puppy dog eyes, then he cries out of frustration. We have tried putting our hands behind his feet so he can push off us, doesn't work, we have pulled him up on to all fours, doesn't work. My Dr thinks he is too "Big" to crawl and some have suggested he may just get up and start walking. Some how I cant see that happening. Can you imagine he just walks in to the room " hey mama" and sits down beside me!? haha. I also don't want him to go straight from sitting to walking. I don't think I could cope with my little baby becoming a little boy so fast. I am enjoying every single stage he is going through, I am holding on to every tooth, word babble and bounce. He is growing up too fast for my liking. So no I don't want to miss the crawling stage I cant wait to see him motoring about on all fours. If he does start to walk I may actually just keep knocking him down again ;-) I joke of course..

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