Tuesday, November 9


I had to tell you all about this fantastic site that I just LOVE..

It has the cutest gift boxes for babies, new mums and mums to be..
I don't know about you but I am always stuck on what to get a new mum and baby, you think I would know since I am a new mum myself, but the thing is that the mum will have got all the essentials her self, and if like me spend 9 months buying clothes for the baby, so I am always stuck on trying to find something thats a little different and doesn't break the bank. Babybox has a number of great ideas you can choose from and it all comes wrapped up in a beautiful box. Brilliant. This is a god send for any guys out there not knowing what to get friends who have just had babies too. Click on the express box and voila its done for you. You will get major brownie points for not bringing the usual male gift of a cuddly toy!

To check out baby box go to http://www.babyboxlondon.com/

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