Friday, November 5

Going to the Chapel and we're....

Going to get MARRIED!!!! Yay.. To be honest I never thought this day would come. I wasn't one of those girls who dreamt about getting married, the only thing I ever thought about my wedding day was "I don't want to kiss in front of my father" (This still bothers me)
Although I love the tradition of a wedding, coming from divorced parents it kind of put me off the whole idea. Why ruin a good thing? Do you stop trying when your married? Do you take each other for granted? My man proposed when we were on holiday in Madeira, and although it knocked me for six and I was so happy, I couldn't even think about a wedding until after our baby had been born. Now 9 months later I am finally back to pre pregnancy weight, I've started to think a little differently about the whole marriage thing. I want to get married, I want the white dress the church I want it all.
So now I am going to turn in Bridezilla! I am joking .
However for the next 8 months I may be blogging a little more on dresses, hair, make up basically anything to do on weddings..
Please feel free to give me ideas. I am a blank canvas.
We are on the 8 month countdown now.
Next post dresses.. Who will I choose, which designer, There are so many wonderful Irish designers I just need to choose one now!
Let the fun begin

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