Sunday, November 14

Left Suitcase

Hi all,
Well the London trip started off well, we arrive at the airport with not much time to spare and as I am jumping out the car I say to my man "Ill take the baby and the buggy you take the suitcase I go to the boot to get out the buggy and say " "Where my suitcase?" My man replies " Well I didn't put it in the car!" " What?!" We had left mine and DJs suitcase sitting at the top of the stairs. With 45 min till our flight we had no time to go home to get it. Lets just say I wasn't a happy camper. I had two of the biggest meetings I ve had all year and all of my perfect "I am a serious producer" clothes were in my suitcase. We were only there for 2 days and time was tight so there wasn't any time for shopping.
Luckily I was staying with my sister Sophie so at least I knew she would have make up and face wash ect and I thought I may be able to at least fit in to some of her tops.
Once we arrived the other end we bought some stuff for DJ in the airport and I sent my man on a shopping trip for DJ.
The day comes for my meeting and I am panicked I have nothing to wear, Sophie is size 5 foot I am size 7 she takes a 25 inch jeans I take size 28. So jumping around her room trying to squeeze my self unsuccessfully in her clothes I just decide to go in my own jeans and converse trainers. There was nothing I could do . I just had to bite the bullet.. The good news is that it all went well.
Its amazing how little you really need when you go away.

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