Tuesday, August 31

Wedge heels

An item I think needs to be in all yummy mummies wardrobes are the Wedge Heels, or as I call them my wedgies..
They originated in the 40's and have made a huge comeback in the past few years.
I have always loved them, but since becoming a mummy I cant live without them.
Over the weekend we went to a wedding. I started the day going to the church in my high heels. I could not walk in them. I know I am out of practice but I looked like a new foal trying to walk for the first time!
I came home after the church to bring DJ to to the baby sitter and promptly changed in to my sturdy wedgies.
Now I don't know about you, but walking in heels and carrying a baby is a no go! Not only is it dangerous but its just impossible! I look through magazines and see some celebrities tottering around in high heels with baby on hip. I have tried and it doesn't work for me. But fear not my fellow yummy mummies, we don't need to put on a pair of heels to make our legs feel long and slim, we don't need to wear them to feel elegant and a little bit more human, the wedgies do all of the above and more. If you find a pair of nude wedge shoes it can make your legs look endless and toned. I have about 4 pairs of wedges, and I am seriously thinking about actually finding a pair of wedge heels for my wedding next year! I kid you not!

Wedge heels are perfect anytime of the year.. Closed toe for winter, or wedge heel boots. For spring and summer a great pair of pokadot wedgies spice up a cute summer dress or pair of jeans.

Wedge heels are anywhere from $19 up..



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