Tuesday, August 24

Honey I burnt a hole in the Plastic card!

I have a problem, I can not walk in to a shop without buying something for the baby.
I am like a magpie who swoops and dives in at anything shiny and new. Is there AA for shopaholics?

I cant even walk past a shop without just popping my head in. I know new mums are easy pray, but the clothes they have for babies are just so darn cute It would be rude to just walk on by. I love dressing my boy up in all the beautifully made clothes even if he will only wear them once, because lets be honest here by the time it goes down to to the wash and back he will have out grown them.
Which is a great exuse to go out and buy more.
However my credit card or shall I say my mans credit card is not so happy with me. So what's a girl to do? Go to TK max of course!
You can get some seriously cute baby clothes in there for half the price! You just have to restrain your self in buying the whole lot because it is half price.
Although my spending sprees on my son, are the root of most arguments in our household, If daddy goes out to the shops he also can not resist buying something for our adorable son.
I might as well enjoy dressing my baby up while I can, because soon enough he will be horrified to let me even pick out a t shirt for him.

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