Wednesday, August 25

6 Months old

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old already. Its been a huge roller coaster of laughs, tears, fear, and unbelievable love.
It feels like the longest shortest 6 months of my life. I still can't believe I have a baby and I am a mummy. It really is such a trip having a baby. THe moment the midwife placed him in my arms, I felt this overwhelming feeling of protectiveness. Not this head over heals love they talk about. I was in charge of this little tiny (or not so tiny 9lbs 2oz) baby. He relied on me for everything. In just a short few months, he is now his own little personality. Every day is something new and exciting. The oooo sound or the bbbb sounds. All the mile stones of sitting up and smiling is just so exciting. I never thought I'd find so much joy in seeing this little human develop his personality. I love making him laugh. His belly laugh. If you ever walk past my house at 6.30pm its not uncommon to see me dancing around the living room, making a fool of my self just to make him laugh. The love I have for him is unexplainable. The love he gives me is like no other. I take pride knowing that i taught him to push a button or clap his hands.
In 6 months my body and mind is slowly coming back to the old me. Its true what they say that at 6 months your hips and your ribs start to come back in. Which is a huge relief. My hips are not exactly where they are but there getting there. I feel mentally strong again, and I feel in control. I know what his cries mean now. I know that when I put him to sleep that he is tired despite his protests.
Every day seems to whiz past so quickly, I am trying to mentally capture every moment.
I adore my little man and I adore being a mummy.
Happy 6 months baby...

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