Thursday, August 12

New Hair New me

I was always wondering why new mums always cut their hair, after they have a baby! I swore that I would never ever ever cut my hair. Its my trade mark. I ve had long blonde hair for most of my adult life.( I was born with mousy brown hair, but I knew I was an inner blonde.) When I was pregnant my hair grew rapidly and I was delighted. Along comes DJ and it all starts to fall out!
As I've mentioned a previous blog. I've been going through a real identity crisis. So after the soul searching, I started to look at my appearance. My hair since having Dj has become brittle and dry and is falling out.He is always grabbing my hair too.
My daily wardrobe consists of black leggings and long tops, usually covered in spit up. My hair is usually in a top bun on my head.So now I am getting back to work, auditioning giving interviews on being a yummy mummy, I thought I better actually start looking like a yummy mummy. So bye bye leggings, I will get in to my jeans. Bye bye granny panties.. hello french knickers.

I made an appointment in Brown Sugar Hair salon. I started off by telling the hairdresser " A little blonder, a little trim" As she went about coloring my hair. I came across a picture of Jessica Alba, who had just cut her hair in to a long version of the bob. I loved it. So feeling brave I say to her " Cut it off"
So 3 hours later I look up from my magazine. 6 inch gone and I am blonder. I am loving the new do.
I do feel slightly naked with out my long locks. But it will grow.


  1. YAY!! Very brave! It looks adorable!

  2. Beautiful Hair is very important for Girls .because it's most important part of body.My Girlfriend is also very stylish and fashionable when she open her hair and wear Etnies Shoes but i always wish that she wear Boots Shoes because i like boots shoes.



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