Friday, May 28


I am actress who is used to living all over the world. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and jetting to Monaco on a weekend, was all part of Job. I met the love of my life while working in Ireland and it was love and first sight. A whirlwind romance a surprise engagement and every thing was just perfect.
Then SURPRISE I am pregnant!
How did this happen? I am not ready for this! What about stretch marks! Getting fat! Sagging boobs and oh god having actually to go through labour! Deep breath.. first thing first tell the daddy to be!
He was away working so having to break the news to him over the telephone was not easy! Luckily for me he took the new well. In fact he was delighted. I was the one with the reservations.
Could I really do this? Am I ready?
Of course I am!
I've seen Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and Gisele do it all with ease and style.
In fact think of the play dates. I can see my self and Gisele doing yoga while Benjamin and my baby play in the garden.Perfect!

9 months on and Im a mother to a beautiful baby boy Dylan aka DJ.
Let me start by telling you this.. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS HEIDI, JESSICA AND GISELE MAKE IT SEEM!! and 3 months on I am sleep deprived and Iam still not back in to my skinny jeans!
So for us mere mortals I thought I would share my experiences, my trials and tribulations of being a first time mum, and my quest in to becoming a yummy mummy.
It may take a bit of practice learning to balance a baby on one hip while applying eyeliner , fitting bottles, nappies and toys in to a designer handbag, and trying to cook dinner, put the laundry on and entertain your baby all at once, but Im sure Ill get there in the end
So let the fun begin
So let the fun Begin ....

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