Monday, May 31

Cashmere and Egyptian cotton

I have always loved the feel of natural fibers on my body. The feeling of a silk camisole under a cashmere or cotton cardigan can make any tired frazzled new mum feel divine! Humans love the feel of things. Every time you go shopping how many times do you feel an item before picking it up? I don't spend a fortune on clothes ( I change my clothes about 3 times a day due to baby sick/poo and food ) but I make sure that most of the clothes I have are natural fibers. Cotton is the best product ever. It wears very well. You can get silky camisoles from almost any underwear section in a department store, for a decent enough price. You dont want to get all silk though, real silk creases(and who has the time to iron these days anyway) They are also expensive.
Nothing is better than cuddling up on the sofa in a big cozy cashmere jumper, drinking a hot chocolate and watching old black and white movies. However cashmere can be pricey. TK max or TJ max as I think it is in the US always have some cashmere sweaters and cardigans at good prices. Or you can go for a cashmere mix can be another lovely cheaper alternative. When traveling I always travel with my cashmere scarf spray it with some nice smelling perfume or oil mist and cuddle up in that. Gets rid of that horrible airplane smell.
DJ has also inherited the love of yummy feeling fabrics. I bought him a little cashmere blue cardigan ( I know its ridiculous but its sooooo cute I couldn't resist) He loves the feel of it. For a baby he sure is fussy. I bought a novelty top for a rugby game recently and he hated it .. he was so uncomfortable in it. As soon as I changed him in to his little cotton baby grow he was happy again.
He is a little monkey. He wont sleep in his bed but he will sleep in our bed. His daddy thinks its because we have egyptian cotton sheets on ours. I can put him to sleep in the middle of our bed for a nap and he will go down no problem. I try to put him in to his cot and he is having none of it. Now a friend of mine who is quite famous, who shall not be named, will only have pure egyptian mixed with silk sheets for her daughters bed!!! Then again she also has a proper baby masseuse to come over once a week to pamper her little darling.. Is it wrong to be jealous of a 1 year old???
Dj can get it out of his head if he thinks he is getting sheets like that! Dream on boy....
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