Saturday, May 29

Mama Loves ..Baby Loves

There are so many products on the market aimed at mums and mums to be.. I of course get bedazzled by them all. One thing I did want though was something more natural. I became very mindful about what I put on my skin. Skin is the largest organ that we have, and every thing we put on it get absorbed in to our blood stream. I didn't want to add something to my skin that may possibly get in to my little bundle of love.
MAMA LOVES:One of the best products I can recommend is almond oil. Its great at preventing stretch marks and for keeping your body lovely and hydrated. Also Vitamin E oil is great. Most pharmacies carry these. For my face I use Dr Haushka, their mud mask was great at keeping my skin clear.It can be a little pricey but e-bay sell it at half the price. I also use their cleanser and their moisturizer quince day cream. Any eye cream with a light reflecting particles in it will be a god send for those days where you are running on no sleep. I use nivea light reflecting eye cream. My make up bag is very small, but I have a few key items I could never live with out. I can put my make up on in the morning in 5 mins flat.
If I have had a partially bad night, Ill use a dab of tinted moisturizer (Olay do a great one) Ill use it around my nose chin and forehead. I use YSL touche de clat under my eyes. Hula bronzer by benefit applied with a big brush to the temples, under the cheek bones and the jaw line. I also sweep it down my neck. Curling your eye lashes makes your eyes look more awake. I usually add a dark navy eye liner to the top of my eyes. THe blue brings out the whites in your eyes. Lastly mascara.
I always feel better with a tan, but so many of them are so full of chemicals so I searched everywhere and found a great one called Tru Bronze by Hamilton. Its an Australian brand but again you can get it on the internet. It has walnut extract in it, which is a natural food dye. I found it had a pleasant smell and gave a natural even looking tan. One thing I would advise against is perfume. At least for the first 6 months of your little ones life. They know us by our scent so by putting perfume on they are going to get confused. I even use a deodorant that is scent free.

BABY LOVES: Ohhh I just love baby products they look so cute and I wanted to buy everything for him. However DJ has very dry skin and is very sensitive. For the first 6 weeks of his life I used warm water and cotton wool for wiping his bum. I only stopped because his nappies got decidedly worse, and we needed to move on to something more heavy duty. So I use pampers sensitive. Almond oil again is just amazing and he loves it when I massage him before bed time with it. Its also great for cradle cap. You just brush it out in the morning. Silcox base is also good for their dry skin. Vascaline is a great protector to put on their sensitive bums as a barrier. Sudo cream is good for nappy rash. Hamilton also do a great sunblock for babies thats good for sensitive baby skin. Thats about all I use on him. I had to change our washing powder too. He was getting very itchy and I couldn't understand why, until the Dr recommended changing our washing powder. There are some great eco friendly ones that are very kind to the skin as well as the environment. Fairy non bio is also very good for sensitive skin. JUst use half the amount you would usually use.
Hope this helps a little

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