Saturday, May 29

Baby Weight

Ok so most of us have or will have some baby weight to shift! I put on a hefty 40lbs with my son. In my defense he was 9lbs 2. I was bed ridden for the last couple of months of pregnancy due to Sciatica and chronic back pain. So I couldn't even go out for a walk or a swim. So the weight pilled on! 20lbs of it slipped away without me realizing after he was born, but the last 20lbs ...wel,l I am still fighting it. So here are some of the tips that I have really worked for me ..
Exercise is a must.
Unless you have a team of nannies, cleaners and chefs living with you, Its hard to get 5 mins to eat let alone spending hours in the gym. Being a mum is a full time job. So your just going to have to exercise with your baby. Luckily for us babies make great weights!
Walk. Walk every where, to the shops around the garden. If you need more of an incentive, fresh air is essential for babies well-being. It helps them build up there immune system and is great for their lungs.
Babies are great weights. DJ is 17lbs at 3 months old.He thinks its great fun when I work out with him.
For my arms I lift him above my head 20 times, I rock him from side to side while holding in my tummy for my love handles.WHen its tummy time for him, I go in to the plank position on the floor beside him for 30 sec , so I can see his face. While doing sit ups I lie on the ground with my knees bent and rest DJ sitting up on my tummy, while his back is being supported by my knees. Holding his arms I crunch up and give him a kiss. He loves this and thinks its really funny to see mummy sweating it out.
While hovering do some lunges forward. While washing your babies bottles stand on your tippy toes. WHen feeding your baby do your pelvic floors. When brushing your teeth do some squats. Finally put some music on and dance around like a crazy person. It will entertain you baby no end.
Diet. Everyone knows what we should be doing. its just so hard. There are also so many conflicting ideas.
I think the best thing to do is eat as clean as possible. If you dont know all the ingredients in something its probably not very good for you. If there is one thing you do, cut out white bread. Its really really not goof for you. Which saddens me because I love a french baguette. Infact they say to cut out anything with white flour in it.
If your just mindful of what you eat and Drink loads of water and green tea it should help melt away those last few pounds.. I also put a picture of me pre- pregnancy to inspire me to get back to what I was... Good luck to us all...
Here we come bikini body...
If you have any diet tips please share by writing a comment below..


  1. Great ideas...I'm going to try these!!

  2. Some great ideas here - but please don't do sit-ups after having a baby - they will make a 'pooch' belly worse. I hope my blog helps!

  3. I got a great little wrap that goes around your middle that keeps those muscles in when doing sit ups. they really help. because as you say Wendy doing sit ups after a baby can make the pooch worse, if done incorrectly.
    Heres to pre baby bodies ;-)

  4. There's loads of exercises you can do which avoid sit ups altogther (and are much more effective)- sorry, my blog link wasn't working but it is now - more ideas and videos there!



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