Friday, May 28

Jet setting Baby

The first trip anywhere with a baby is always going to be scary!
We took DJ on his first trip to London recently and I packed and repacked about 100 times!
Now after doing the trip a few times I think I have it down.
Firstly you need a good carry on bag with wheels. Have it with two different compartments. One for you and one for baby. In your compartment have your passports handy, all in different colour passport covers if possible. We have pink one for mummy, black for daddy and blue for the baby. Makes it so much easier when they ask just for the babies passport. Have a little zip bag with some make up essentials. In mine I have a good travel size moisturizer(planes make my skin so dry) some under eye concealer, lip balm, lip gloss, Bronzer, ( I find Benefits hula bronzer the best) Mascara, and a hair brush. Then I have a spare t-shirt and a pair of underwear. The first time I travelled with DJ he peed on me while I was changing him and had to spend the rest of the plane journey in wet stinky shirt. I also never travel anywhere without my big sunglasses, that cover half my face to hide the big dark circles.
In the babies compartment pack the bottles he/she will need for the trip, plus a spare bottle and a carton of ready made milk, just in case of delays. Have 2 spare vests and 2 jump suits. Baby wipes and nappies. All chemists do mini sizes of sudo cream, Vaseline and talcum powder. Try keep nappies, baby wipes and all creams all in one clear zip up bag. Makes it easier to grab it in a hurry rather than root around in the bag for it. I have all my things in little bags. Makes traveling and life in general so much easier. When traveling bring the lightest buggy you have. You will spend a lot of time folding it up putting it through scanners and getting on and off planes. If you have a baby papoose or sling as well bring it. Babies can get scared with all the people, strange noises and announcements that keep going off. having your baby strapped to you makes them feel safer and you still have 2 free hands.
I always travel in black. Black leggings, tank top with a cardigan or jumper and boots or flat ballet pumps. The last thing you need when going through airport secruity with a baby is to be taking off jewelry shoes and belts. I always dress DJ in his baby grows for comfort. and I always take his blanky as well so it smells like home.
Always add on an extra hour when traveling with a baby too. They always seem to throw up or have explosive diarrhea at the wrong time.
Oh talking of poo.. babies will always go poo in the air. its the cabin pressure on their little digestive systems. Also dont be surprised if your little one is a little constipated for a day or two after as well. Air travel does that to the best of us. I always take a small bottle of cooled boiled water with me as well to keep them hydrated.
When the plane is about to take off I always feed DJ. It helps them equalize their ears and stops them from popping. I also do this when landing too.
At your destination make sure you have your taxi,car, bus or train booked in advanced. The last thing you need is to be waiting around.
Hope this helps

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