Tuesday, June 1

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays used to be so easy. Fly some where exotic and explore, sun tan, drink cocktails and enjoy late dinners. Now I am not sure what to do or where to go with a 4 month old baby!?!
I am heading to the Hamptons at some point during the summer to see a lovely friend of mine who I havent seen for ages. I am so excited to go. It will be really relaxed as it will be in her house. I am not sure how DJ will be in the heat, as he is a true Irish boy with white white skin.
Where we are going on our family holiday? I have no idea. It will be our first family holiday away, so of course I want it to be memorable. Maybe holiday apartments is the way to go? I don't know any hotel rooms that have mircowaves in them,and I'm not going to keep phoning up housekeeping to come and get my bottles to sterilize them for me! Thats a bit wacko Jacko. I need to sterilize his bottles somehow. Mother care do great sterilizing bags that you just put with a little water and you pop them in the mircowave for a few min, and hey bingo you have sterilized bottles.
So where do we go. Greece? Ibiza? even that a little too hot for me mid July/Aug Spain France? I But I could try smuggle him in?
All I know is that where ever we go we are going to have a lot of luggage! Myself alone take 2 bags. Hope our luggage allowance is good. Otherwise I'm using fed ex and post it over! Do you know that to fed ex your luggage over can sometimes cost the same to check your luggage on the plane! and your guaranteed for it not to get lost.
Ok so I'm off to browse exotic locations that are baby friendly..
If you guys have any ideas please post below

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