Thursday, June 3

Baby Yoga

We recently started baby yoga.It was actually pretty fun. We started by singing a welcome song, clapping our hands and smiling like lunatics. Then we sit the baby up and just hold their hands and pull them gently forward towards their little toes. DJ thinks I am trying to pull him up when we do this one, so he tried to pull himself up to stand! Then the babies go on their tummies, while the mummies again sing silly songs and pull ridiculous faces. I think its actually just to make mummies look really silly.
The mummies then get a tummy work out while our babies fly on our legs. Let me explain this one. We all lie on our backs with our legs up but bent at the knees. Then we lie the babies on their tummy on our shines with their face peering over our knees. Like Super man. Its really good for the babies necks and as we rock out legs from side to side front to back it works your lower abs bonus! In the first class this one was a bit tricky for the mums, as most of us were making use of the good weather and we all turned up in dresses.. We some how thought this was BABY YOGA not mummy and baby yoga..
Towards the end of the class after we have pulled and pushed our babies gently its time for the "Quite time song and relaxation" Now they say to you " Its fine if your baby cries.. we welcome the cries" Well I am not sure they really do embrace the cries, especially if your baby is the only one making a fuss. I was getting some pretty evil looks from the 5ft2 holier than tho, zenned out, tree hugging instructor. I did get FEW sympathy looks from the other mums. I mean really have you ever seen a 3 month old baby meditating? No neither have I. So while everyone else was meditating with their little buddhas, my little buddha was trying to eat my fingers, bounce on my leg and pull my hair. Having said all that I did really enjoy the class. It was fun to see Djs face as i pushed his knees up to his tummy while singing the wheels on the bus, and lying next to him while we both did tummy time. It felt like we were the two naughty students, sharing a joke that no one else got. Great bonding time.
Ok so we may not be the meditating type but Ill definitely be going back next week.

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