Wednesday, June 23

Next Chapter

I am finally in my new house, and I love it. I have unpacked all the boxes and I am settling in. DJ loves his new room. That was the first room I had to get sorted. I wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for him. He seems to be sleeping really well in his new room too. I have taken all the comments and advice I received after my last blog, and it SEEMS to be working. He still wakes up at 1.30 and 4.30am but he goes back to sleep fairly quickly with a soother. When putting him down he only cries now for about 15-20 mins, which is a huge improvement from the hour to an hour and half crying we had before.
Somewhere in the move my other half managed to throw out a bag of all my most expensive shoes. I actually want to cry! My good old faithful shoes, that make me feel good even on fat day have gone! I have a pair of flip flops, one boot and one shoe (the other shoe and boot are in the bag that has gone missing!) I actually got heart palpitations and hot flushes when the realization hit in that my shoes were no where to be found! I drove my man down to the skip to look for them. He even got in to the bin. No luck they were gone! All of them.. deep breath!
I've been thinking a lot about my career recently. I am starting to get itchy feet. After 12 months of growing a baby and nesting, I am dying to use my creative side. Don't get me wrong I love my baby, and I really enjoyed taking that time off to look after my self buying things for the baby and nesting in general, but now I have settled in to being a new mummy I also want to get some sort of my 'Old' life back.
Being an actress is hard though. You have to hustle, and I really don't have the energy to hustle anymore. I cant just jet off at the drop of the hat, or fly to LA for an audition. I need to be able to juggle motherhood and a career. Argh...
I went for my first audition the other day, it was a disaster! I had no one to look after DJ so he had to come with me. I had nothing to wear that wasn't leggings or baby doll dresses. You have to look the part when you go in, and I felt like a frumpy mummy, not a yummy mummy.
I was running late for the audition because DJ decided to do a huge poo as soon as we were leaving. Then he spit up on me as I was about to walk in to the audition.
So I pushed him in to the room and throughout my audition all I could hear was " coo coo gurgle coo gurgle" Just slightly distracting. The up side is that DJ was a hit. I think they actually want to cast him in the movie.
I wasn't ready to start auditioning again. I felt totally out of my comfort zone. I think I may wait another couple of months before I audition again. Going to LA later in the year to meet up with all my old contacts again So I think I ll wait till then.
I need an image over haul though. The new chapter, a new me. I realized in that audition that I am never going to go back to the old me again. I need to reinvent myself. Madonna has done it countless amount of times, so can I.
I have a few months before I go to LA. So I am just going to go underground for a few months and re emerge a butterfly ;-)
I have always loved anything French. I have so many stripy jumpers and tops in my wardrobe its not funny. I think the french way of life is lovely. THey are very family oriented, they always have dinner together at night. They like nice things and do not deprive them selves of anything. They have it sussed when it comes to food. Very rarely do you see a fat french woman. They have a little of what ever they fancy. They choose the best cheese, wine, bread and meat but they only have a little of it. A little of everything. THey also take the same approach to clothes. Instead of buying lots of cheapy items they will save their money and buy an amazing classic piece that will last.
I am going to go through my wardrobe this weekend and anything that is old, torn, stained is getting chucked out or going to charity.
The next thing is the hair. I have had the same style for years. Long, blonde and tousled and I love that look, but since I ve stopped breast-feeding my hair has been falling out by the handfuls. So I think i need to go for the chop. IS this wise? Has anyone chopped off their hair after having a baby and regretted it? Thinking of going darker too? I ll post a picture of my hair and please let me know if you think it should stay or go?
Thanks ladies
p.s In the picture above I am the one on the left. My sister is the one with the fringe

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