Wednesday, June 30


I was 18 when I first heard the words " You cant have children"
I was living in Hong Kong and had been having abdominal pains for weeks. I was in agony and wasn't sure what it was. I had test for Irritable bowl, for food intolerance's you name it I had it checked. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries at 19. The thought of not being able to have children really upset me, and took over most of my thoughts in my early 20's. At 26 the pains got worse, the Dr said to me would I consider taking out some eggs and have them frozen and have a hysterectomy. My family advised me against this and said that they are coming up with new cures every day. As time went on I started to get more and more upset. The thought of living my life with out children just broke me heart. Every time someone announced they were pregnant my tummy ached. When I met my man it was almost one of the deal breakers in our relationship. I had to be honest with him and tell him I may not be able to have children.I didnt want for us to get to 40 and for him to recent me for not having children. He is a wonderful man and being a father was high up on his priority list, so could he be with the woman of his dreams but have none of his own children?
We spoke about it and he said we would do what ever we could to have our own children. I came off all the the medication I had been on and I just went about my every day life and put babies to the back of my mind.
2 months later I was pregnant!!! It was a complete shock and throughout my whole pregnancy I didn't allow myself to truly believe that I was expecting a baby. He is a true blessing I know this. He is my miracle baby.
The reason I am blogging about this is because so many women around the world have been told they wont be able to have children, or are finding it hard to conceive. We all put so much trust in to Doctors. They are not always right. They PRACTICE medicine they dont know for sure. There has been 2 cases that have come to light in Ireland recently about a woman who was told she needed a hysterectomy, went in for the operation and they found out she was 8 weeks pregnant, but unfortunately too late.
It makes me so mad to think that, that could have been me! I look at my son sleeping peacefully beside me, and a lump forms in my throat. He was the baby I was supposed to never have had.
If you are having problems please get 2nd 3rd 4th opinions.. sit back relax, dont think about it, take a little bit of faith, a sprinkling of luck, and a lot of love then maybe you might just fall pregnant!
Thanks for listening.

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