Thursday, January 13


Why did no one tell me how bad teething would be????
 I knew they would have red cheeks, dribbling, bad nappies, nappy rash maybe a temperature but no eating for 5 days, vomiting, endless crying all night? I was not prepared for this. I have been worried out of my mind about him. The poor little dude is cutting his top tooth. The first top tooth gave him  a bit of hassle but nothing like the pain he is in now. He doesn't even want his bottles or his dodi (soother) which he usually loves. Really wish I could take away his pain for him. For the past 3 nights he has been up crying, exhausted falling asleep and then after 5 min he is awake again crying in pain.
I have pretty much tried everything on the market to help him but nothing seems to work. I guess were just going to have to ride this through till their down. The good news is that once its through 48hrs later it wont hurt anymore. The top 2 teeth are meant to be the worst too so come on tooth hurry up and stop causing my baby pain!

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