Wednesday, January 19

Model Baby

Only  supermodel  Miranda Kerr could post a snap of her one week after a long difficult labour (without pain medication) and look absolutely amazing. No puffy face, no bags under her eyes, just looking beautifully earthy breast feeding her new baby boy Flynn. Having given birth to a 9lbs 2 oz baby boy myself (with lots of pain medication) I can only imagine having to give birth to a 9lbs 12oz baby boy was like.
I have to say though it is nice to see a supermodel posting a picture of her breast feeding her baby. A lot of celebrities opt not to breast feed. (Probably because they have fake books to begin with.)
Other celebrity mums who are on the pro breast feeding wagon are Gisele Bundchen, who made a few controversial comments about breast feeding (see earlier post) Jerry Hall and Pierce Brosnons wife Kelley both did cover shots breast feeding their babies. New mum Kelly Preston who gave birth to her 3rd baby Benjamin last month, also allowed People magazine to take a photo her breast feeding.

Seeing all these new mums with their little ones really makes me want to have another one..
Ok well not just yet.. but it does make me a little broody.

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