Wednesday, January 12

Jet setting babies Guide to....

Everything is slowly calming down now after christmas, it was a magical christmas with all the family but with everyone here and washing and food and every thing else that comes with having 8 people under one roof its been exhausting so I am slowly getting back to normality.
This year I involved in lots of interesting projects one being a film , which as I said before I will be telling you about in all good time, I have also teamed up with a friend of mine Angi and we are writing a book. Well hopefully be a series of books. There going to be called The Jetsetting Babies Guide To.... Dublin  Where we will put all the baby friendly cafe and bars restaurants where to go where not to go what sites to see and where is good to go with a baby, we will then hopefully do the rest of Europe, so it will be the The Jetsetting Babies guide to Rome, Paris, London. Think the lonely planet but for yummy mummies and babies ;-)
We have set up a site called, yes you guessed it JETSETTING BABIES GUIDE TO.
You can visit the site via the link on the right hand side of the page.
We will be posting about the cafes and restaurants around Dublin first until the book is put together, so if you fancy it take a gander over there have a look around, its just new so please check back in with us again  very soon when we have posted some reviews.

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