Thursday, June 21

Toned Thursday

My summer holidays are just around the corner and my plans of long summer evening walks and having gorgeous lightly tanned and toned legs seem to have gone out the window. I have decided on this rainy day to take action, I no longer am willing to look at these white almost blue legs any longer. I have shaved, waxed buffed and slathered on some rather yummy smelling sienna x fake tan. I am drinking green tea like its going out of fashion (doing squats while waiting for the kettle to boil) and am googling how to tone your legs while getting rid of that dreaded orange peel, that pregnancy so kindly gave me.

 I am checking out of cellulite city with lunges (3 sets of 15) squats ( back up against the wall and hold for 15 sec building up 1 min) and 30 mins of fast walking a day.

A diet of spinach and protein, bananas ( apparently soak up that orange peel) lots of anti oxidants and lots of green tea and dandelion tea. I used to drink dandelion tea ( not the nicest tasting but you get used to it) in my modeling days. It acts as a diuretic and de bloats you.
SO heres to fabulous legs


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