Thursday, June 7

Settling in

Hi there,
So sorry I have been so bad at posting as of late. As you know we had to move house AGAIN. Thats 13 years of moving , EVERY YEAR. Phew. Might lay my hat here a little while now.
DJ didn't cope to well with the move, as you can imagine for any toddler, any up heavel is upsetting for them, add in a bit of autism on top of that and all hell breaks loose. We have had a few sleepless nights and a few weeks of being unsettled but Thankfully we have turned a corner and he is so happy. Even happier than he was in the last house. This is probably due to the fact he now has a garden to play in and has a whole room dedicated to him. He can do what he likes in it now.

I have finally found homes for all my clothes and endless amount of shoes.
I have hung the last picture and placed the last book on the shelves.
All boxes have been dismantled , and now I can sit back and enjoy our new home.

Will post some photos of the new house soon

Lots of love

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